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Moving Home Tips For New Homeowners

Moving to your first home is one of the most amazing feelings in the world and when you finally put down your deposit and are able to pick up your house keys – you’ll finally feel like you’ve made it.

As a new homeowner, the moving process can sometimes be a little stressful and it can become a little overwhelmed. It is important for you to take on a few essential tips and tricks to make the process easier for yourself this year.

Here are some of our simple moving tips that you should take on this year to help you with your first big move to your new home.

Don’t turn down hand me downs

When you move into your first family home it is best not to be picky with the furniture and appliances you get. Buying a house is incredibly expensive and it might take a while for you to settle into the routine of paying bills and being able to afford the things you want.

When you first move in, people in your family and your friends will likely offer up old items they have in their homes – and you should take them up on these offers. Even if you don’t like the style of a sofa or a table – it will save you a lot of money and it will perform a job while you settle into homeowner life. You can also consider the fact that when you are ready to move on and buy new things, you can sell these items for a small profit.

Get a storage unit

When moving house, a lot of things can delay the process and this will mean you might not know your moving in date until a week before it happens. This makes it difficult to plan for your move however there is a way you can start planning and getting things ready ahead of time. Using an outside storage unit to place your hand-me-down furniture; some boxes of items; and other things can be a great way to start the moving process early and being prepared when the day finally comes. It means that you will have your boxes ready to load into a van when the day arrives and you’ll be able to settle into your new home much easier.

Label everything

If you want to make your moving process as easy as possible this year you need to invest in either a sharpie or a label maker for every box you pack. It is all too easy to be tempted to throw things haphazardly into boxes just to get them packed. However, it is not the best way to manage your packing because it will take a lot of time when you reach your new home to sort through things and unpack them in the right place. By labeling each box with the room and type of item – you’ll be able to bring each box to the right place immediately when you bring them into the house and then you can unpack with ease.


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