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5 Things You Need To Know Before Installing Your Deck

When talking about wooden decks in the outdoor area, that wooden structure around the pool and balconies automatically comes to mind. A deck company can go further by making installation flexible in different corners, as long as it has a level, drained floor, and a smooth wall or facade as well.

When installing the wooden deck, it is important to stress that elegance, comfort, and leisure are essential solutions to enhance your home’s external and internal spaces. We will present the 5 things you need to keep in mind before installing your deck:

1 – What types of wood to use on the deck?

Understanding the best type of wood to use the deck is very important because, in the external environment, it is necessary to choose wooden strips of high resistance and resist the attacks of fungi and termites. Another reason for the choice of hardwood, which designates strength and quality, is the exposure to weather conditions.

2 – Planning of the environment and projects: do it yourself

For the wooden deck construction, it is essential to delimit the chosen area where the wooden floor will be installed. If there is any gap, labor will be important to maintain leveling and in other uses for covering, measuring, cutting, and shaping the wooden deck. Before installing a Deck, it is necessary to have a leveled and drained subfloor. For wood cladding (installation on the wall and façades), on the plastic base, there is a small screw fixing system. This system avoids the display of screws, giving more emphasis to wooden rulers.

3 – Installation and practicality

The installation of the wooden deck requires qualified labor to guarantee the surface level; It is common with the size of the area that it is difficult to find long and short wooden slabs for the roof, so planning and the correct measures are necessary to avoid setbacks. The modular wooden deck is more practical. Most decks have a fit system made of pure polypropylene (resistant material) that brings practicality to the environment and ease at installation.

4 – Wood quality

A lot of attention must be given when choosing wooden decks because the quality impacts the final result of the project. Check that the wood is processed and kiln-dried to reduce or avoid the warping of the planks, which is a natural phenomenon.

5 – Maintenance

The guarantee of the product’s durability depends on periodic cleaning and the proper application of wood protectors. As it is a natural product, the selected wood exposed to the climate (rain, sun, heat, humidity, dry, cold air) may show appearance changes, such as darkening and wear. For adequate protection, the material must receive a protective finish such as impregnants, varnishes, and enamels. Daily cleaning is also essential to remove dust and leaves, the ideal is to wipe with a dry cloth without adding products, or if there is an accumulation of dirt, a damp cloth with neutral detergent is a good choice.


The leisure space does not need a large area to add many recreational items, and it can be set up just like a small environment, looking for space optimization techniques. The idea is that there are several ways to compose a small leisure area so that the items fit harmonically; for example, you can opt for a game table, a small barbecue, and a Zen space. The small leisure area’s objective is that the installation and maintenance must be objective and fast, when you think about this aspect, for flooring and covering: keep in mind to hire a professional deck company.


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