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5 Tips To Sell Your House In Florida Without A Realtor

Sooner or later, your home may no longer meet your needs. Most people would go for their phone to contact their real estate agent. However, It’s only natural to want to get the most bang for your buck at the closing table. Some brave homeowners then decide to sell their homes without the help of a realtor for this and other reasons. If you catch yourself thinking, “How do I sell my house in Florida without a realtor?” you are in the right place.

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Firstly, do you need a realtor to sell a house?

Selling a home is feasible with or without a realtor. Though most sellers prefer to employ the services of professionals such as real estate agents, there are some advantages to selling your property independently.

How can I sell my house without using a realtor in Florida?

There are varieties of ways to sell your house without a realtor, which includes

  • Selling your house to someone you know with the help of a real estate attorney, or
  • Selling your home on the open market without a real estate agent (FSBO) through a flat MLS listing.
  • Selling to cash home buyers: which is the best and fastest way.

5 Tips to Consider When Selling without a Realtor

1.   Know Your Home’s Value

The key to getting a good deal out of your home is first to figure out how much your home is worth before you sell. This will assist you in determining whether or not the monetary offer is reasonable. When you start looking into the value of your home, you get the possible estimated price to sell it. You can hire the service of a home appraisal to help with this. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of hiring one is about $313 to $420. This provides you with a price range for your home.

2.   Sell to a Cash Home Buyer

The best way to sell your house without a realtor is to sell to cash home buyers. You see, while an attorney can craft up an airtight contract, an attorney can’t get you the best deal possible. Also, FSBO is time-consuming, more expensive due to charges of MLS listings and also FSBO sellers are prone to frauds and scams. There are various advantages to selling to cash home buyers, which include :

  • The Process is Faster and Flexible
  • Lower maintenance Sale
  • You’ll be compensated for the true market value of your home in cash
  • Reduced Expenses

What is the process involved in selling to a cash homebuyer?

  • Make an appointment with a cash home buyer: Consultation is the initial stage in the process of selling your home. Whatever your motive for selling, a cash home buyer might help you earn money quickly.
  • Get a cash offer “as is”: Following your appointment, a property specialist evaluates the condition of your home. They examine the home’s inside and exterior, check for problem areas, analyze the property’s character, and conclude the value assessment. This process is at no cost to the seller. The market worth of your home and the neighborhood in which you live will be taken into account. You will receive an offer from the home buyer once the evaluation is completed.
  • Signing the Agreement: If you take the offer, you will be required to sign a contract for the agreed-upon sum. Once you sign the contract, a team will immediately begin closing procedures to transfer your home for cash.
  • Close and get paid on your home: You will be given your money once all of the necessary procedures for transferring your property to the home buyers have been completed. That’s all there is to it. There are no hidden extra costs, no middlemen, and no need to deal with a real estate agent.

3.   The Numbers Do Make Sense

Real estate brokers will warn you that selling to a property buying firm is a bad choice since you’ll lose money. However, the reality is that you will most likely make almost as much as you would in a traditional real estate transaction. A transaction with a cash home buyer saves you time, which translates to money. Real estate fees, closing costs, and any repairs required for the sale of the home can add up rapidly when selling a home through the real estate process. While the majority of cash bids will be on the lower end of the scale, your home will be sold “as is,” saving you time and money.

4.   Keep Your Cash

Scammers will demand that you pay money upfront. Even if it looks to be legitimate, never pay anything upfront. Some people will claim to be real estate investors, charge an “application fee,” and then take your money to disappear. You don’t have to apply for anything with cash home buyers. They should be in charge of the entire procedure. Be cautious if they ask for things that they claim will cost money.

5.   Do your Research

Not every home-buying firm is the same. Some of them will try to take advantage of you in any way they can. That is why it is critical to hire a reputable firm. Look up all of the reviews you can find online and research the company’s proprietors. Only sell to a cash home buying company that you trust.

Other Factors to Consider When Not Working with a Realtor

Do I need an attorney to sell my house?

In Florida, the buyer or the seller doesn’t need to hire a real estate attorney to close the sale of residential real property. The important reasons to hire an attorney for a Florida house sale are if title or survey errors are discovered, the basic contract or riders require extensive adjustments, or other problematic issues arise. Reputable cash home buyers cover all these.

How do I close without a realtor?

By custom in Florida, the closing at which you formally transfer ownership of the property can occur at any location. Verifying the legitimacy of the cash home buying companies lets you know if you should proceed with the closing process. The closing process, including the cost and paperwork, is covered by the home buyers at no cost to the seller.

You can sell your home in Florida without a realtor, but do make sure to take precautions as stated above.

Infographic on 9 Steps to Follow When Selling A House By Owner In Florida
By HomeLight Homes


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