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How to Start a Thrilling New Career Selling California Real Estate

Many individuals and families love California. The real estate isn’t cheap, but the state has plenty going for it. More people move there every year, though others move out to find cheaper living spaces.

If you start a career in real estate in California, you should make money and find steady work. Since people arrive and leave the state often, you can help them locate housing whenever they need it.

You may not know how to start your new California real estate career. Let’s talk about how you can do that right now.

The California Department of Real Estate

If you want to pursue this profession, you must know about an organization called the California Department of Real Estate. Understanding the real estate broker timeline becomes imperative, and you can only do that by visiting this entity’s website.

There, you will find that you must complete the required courses, but you must spend at least 18 calendar days on each one. You receive the material, and the clock starts. You can take longer, but if you’re in a hurry, you must let 18 days elapse before trying to finish the course by taking the required tests.

You must also finish each course within one year. You have lots of time, but you can’t take forever.

How Do You Complete a Course?

When each course concludes, you must take a final exam. It’s fairly challenging, as you must demonstrate you know the material and retain its meaning.

You must complete eight required courses. They teach you about houses, apartments, and condos. You also learn the rules about renting and owning them. These courses introduce many concepts you must know about real estate in general and California real estate.

The State Exam

Once you complete the eight courses and pass the tests, you must take the state exam. That’s a longer and more difficult test.

The California Department of Real Estate, sometimes abbreviated as the DRE, usually takes about eight weeks to process your application and set up a test date for you. You can take the test at the Sacramento location or the San Diego one. Los Angeles, Fresno, and Oakland have them as well.

This test has 200 multiple-choice questions. You must answer 150 or more correctly. The test changes over the years, but some sections remain essentially the same.

To pass the various shorter tests and the larger ones, you can study on your own, but you might also look into schools that can help you. The teachers can tell you what’s on each test and what you must know to pass.
Getting your license lets you begin a new career, and you might like that very much. California real estate has some ins and outs you’ll learn as you go, but if you’re a people person, you should do well. You can let your charm shine through as you sell homes and earn the public’s trust.


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