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5 Steps to Writing Creative Real Estate Listing Descriptions That Read Like Poetry

When a buyer starts to search for their next home, a quick internet search can lead to endless property listings. That buyer then needs to sift through those listings to find the house of their dreams.

As a seller, you may be wondering how you can make your real estate listing stand out using only pictures, videos, and text. Some real estate agents might say that you need to go digital, with virtual tours. While virtual can give your home listing an edge, you can also use the power of words. As with a book that captivates you for hours, or an article that gets you to see the world in a new way, creative real estate descriptions will tell a story to get potential buyers excited about visiting your home, by following five steps.

  • Read and find your inspiration

The first step to writing creative real estate listings that seem more like poetry or a short story than a marketing description is read. One place to start is by picking up an architecture magazine such as Dwell and reading a few articles to see descriptions of homes and their specific details. Other places to go for inspiration are Realtor Magazine, and a site such as HomeLight, where you can find many listings curated for your area. As you read about homes, notice how certain descriptions make you feel and help you visualize a home, even without photos. Write down which words or sentences inspire you and especially look for homes that have similar features to yours. Notice the details that draw you in and also the words that catch your attention.

  • Brainstorm and make a list

While on the surface you might think that your home is not much different than others on the block, as you start to read other real estate listings, you’ll start to see how you can show off its best features. Making a list of everything that you love about your home and also the details that give it a unique personality can help you get started. Work through every room of your house and the yard, as you search for those details that can become part of your creative real estate description. Some examples are period details in older homes, easy access to hiking or walking trails, artistic elements such as decorative kitchen or bathroom tiles, lighting design, views, and tech features such as built-in speakers or smart home systems. The list you create can help you write a powerful description later.

  • Craft a compelling headline

Journalists start their writing with a strong headline, and creative real estate listings can do the same. A headline grabs a reader’s attention with a few words that sum up a home’s best features — those words that can make a potential buyer stop and click on your listing. For example Light-filled Seafront Bungalow Steps from the Beach

  • Choose words wisely

Professional writers know that one word can change the impact of a sentence. When it comes to writing about your home, you can use words to add interest and intrigue. Words such as spectacular, luxury, ample, soaring, lush, and vibrant can bring up strong emotions in a buyer. Words can create a picture in their mind of an open and bright home, or a cozy tiny house that they want to take a closer look at.

  • Set a scene and tell a story

There are plenty of real estate descriptions out there that only list a home’s key features, but chances are those aren’t the ones that buyers will notice. If you want your description to be memorable, you need to turn that list into a story. Set the scene with the buyer walking in the front door, and then describing what it’s like to live in the house, to wake up to a sea view and make a cup of coffee in the light-filled kitchen, or to host a party in the spacious and lush outdoor patio. You aren’t only trying to sell your home, but the life buyers will have when they live in it.

Words chosen well, and accompanied by professional photos can be as powerful as a virtual walkthrough. They can be the first step in getting potential buyers to take a look at your home.


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