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5 Tips for taking perfect security measures to protect your whole family against possible burglary or killing

Your home, in general, is meant to be a safe place for you and your family to live in; however, there are always risks, Such as possible robbery, killings, and possibly home fires; the list goes on.

From US stats taken by the FBI, every 25.7 seconds an apartment gets robbed. To put this in an exact verdict, this means that every single minute 2 housebreaks take place, which approximately means that over Three thousand three hundred (3,300) burglaries happen every single day.

As an outcome of this, making sure your home is well secured to protect you and your family from possible theft or harm is essential.

The good news is that there are a couple of tips you can use to live in a more secure home. Below are five (5) tips for taking perfect protection means to protect your whole family against possible housebreaking and assassination.

  1. Bulletproof Glass Windows

Bulletproof windows are the best for your home when it comes to protecting yourself and your family against possible assassination and criminals. A forced break in through the window is a prevalent entry point for burglars.

Homeowners invest in security doors and windows, but having a fragile glass will make this investment seem pointless. While the double glazed window might sound substantial, it can’t measure to a bulletproof window in terms of security. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of bullet-resistant glass.

Advantages of installing bulletproof glass

  • Bulletproof glass is much stronger than regular glass.
  • Can withstand several bullet strikes.
  • Increment in
  • Can be used to replace the windows in homes, businesses, or vehicles etc.

Disadvantages of bulletproof glass

Though there are hardly any demerits of installing bulletproof glass in the buildings. But still there a couple things you can consider as a cone of having installed bulletproof glass which are;

  • With repeated bullets struck upon the glass, it will eventually get shattered.
  • They are way more expensive than regular glasses, however, worth every penny of investment.


Bulletproof windows look like regular glass; however, they provide much better security. Level 5 security glass can protect even against sniper bullets, which may otherwise quietly kill anyone inside your house.

  1. Install a proper alarm system

Homes without an alarm system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. The problem is only 17% of houses install an alarm system; Burglars are more likely to break into a home without one.

Installing a home alarm system might sound costly, but not owning one might cost you even more.

How would you choose the best alarm system? Most criminals wouldn’t want to mess with a security system, while some are comfortable with messing around with some brands. Picking the right type of alarm system is very important.

So preferably, get an alarm system that will alert, even when disconnected. Chances are most burglars will skip your home when you have an alarm system installed.

Reasons to install an alarm system in your home, Or updating the one you currently have.

  • Protecting your home from burglars.
  • It can protect you and your family from fire.
  • Saves you from losing your valuable assets.
  • Remotely watches all home movement.
  • Reduction of energy consumption in your home.
  • Ability to move it from one home to another.
  1. Bulletproof Cabins for security guard

Security has always been a vital need of every human; for this reason, we must pay attention to it. Bulletproof Cabins are the best material you can provide your security guard for protecting the entrance of high-risk areas.

Security cabins are one of the quality materials designed for security; security guards mainly use them. While your guard provides you with security day and night, they too should feel the need to be secured at all times.

They are humans too, so you will need to consider having a security cabin mounted in your apartment. It makes them maximize taking security measures on their side.

Also, consider fixing cabins with bullet-resistance attached to them. It ensures your security guard always feels comfortable watching movements around your home at all times.

Some features of security cabins are as follows;

  • Easy portability
  • Easy mounting
  • Reliable performance
  1. Make use of bulletproof jacket inside

Making use of bulletproof jackets inside is also a sure way of avoiding possible killings in your home since they help stop a bullet from penetrating into the body. Such jackets can further guard you from car accidents or from stabbing.

  1. The proper Security lock system on every entrance points

When referring to entrance points, it doesn’t have to be only your door entrance but also your windows, Garages, and roof entrances too. They are potential entrance points thieves use in penetrating your home.

According to an FBI report, more than a third of all housebreakings happen from unenforced entryways.

Starting with doors, they are one of the maximum entry points for criminals, 34% of criminals enter through the front door, While 22% of criminals enter through the back doors. Below are some tips you can use to secure your home doors.

  • Close your doors always.
  • Consider installing smart locks or access control solutions.
  • Install alarm systems and video surveillance cameras.

Garages are also a popular way of thieves penetrating since they connect to your home. Consider following the suggestions listed below for protecting your home and garages.

  • Always lock your garages.
  • Invest in remote access control.
  • Lock the door and connect it with your garage.
  • Also, consider installing surveillance cameras.

Windows are also a way for criminals to penetrate your home. Approximately 23% of burglars gain access to your home through the first-floor window.

So what exactly do you do to prevent this? Below are some actionable tips to follow in preventing this from happening.

  • Ensure you have a proper lock system installed on all windows.
  • Consider investing in a proper external light around your windows.
  • Invest in Bulletproof Windows.
  • Install window sensors.
  • Also, consider installing outdoor security cameras.

In conclusion; you, your family, your staff and your close ones are no less than precious souls for you. So protecting your home from possible killings and housebreakers should be one of your most concerning topics. We strongly advise you to consider the tips and solutions in this post to keep you and your family well protected.


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