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Why Are Experienced Real Estate Agents Better?

Buying or selling a home is not a small feat, and it’s one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. This is precisely why finding a real estate agent with the experience to guide you through the process is key.

As a first time seller or buyer, it is even more crucial that you get the decision on which agent to use right. And in these situations, you might want to lean on experience.

This article will let you know why doing so might just save you a whole lot of stress and help you get the house of your dreams or close out your sale properly.

Knowing an Experienced Agent

There are gauges you can rely on to know an experienced agent. They are:


The length of time an agent has been in business is obviously a good gauge of how experienced they are. An agent with a long history of being one can also be verified. Simply find out how long the license for real estate agents in your locality is, and then you can ask the agent you are interested in using how many times he/she has renewed.

Market Knowledge

An experienced agent also will have a good knowledge of the market. This knowledge of the market can translate to being able to help you sell or buy faster than you expect.

This is because an agent with a good knowledge of the market will know what properties are available in the area and at what price. An experienced agent on the selling side will also know market trends and how much your property can realistically go for in the current market climate.

Sound market knowledge also involves how well connected the agent is with regards to knowing other agents. It is not uncommon for agents to form unofficial links, whereby they know agents who would have the kinds of property you want at hand, and agents who wouldn’t.

This relationship with other agents can be the difference between helping you get your dream property or not.

How Well They Negotiate

An experienced agent that has closed out a lot of deals is bound to be a sound negotiator. He knows when a property isn’t worth the price being quoted and also knows when a property’s value is cheap. In either scenario, he knows whether to move fast or wait for a better deal.

Who The Work With

Real estate agents don’t work in isolation. They have to deal with lenders, contractors, solicitors, etc, and it is unrealistic to expect that they will work with everyone.

Rather, a mark of an experienced agent is an agent who has people they work with, usually relationships formed through repeated work overtime. These relationships are founded on mutual trust and can make the entire selling or buying process go faster and be easier for you.

Why Are They Better?

Being an agent is far from being an easy job, and an experienced agent will be more suitable to juggling the demands of their job on their time. Being able to do this is an assurance that they make time for the real details they need to focus on, which can only be good for you as a client.

One key area why it’s also beneficial to pick experience is communication. Experienced real estate agents are usually better at communication than inexperienced ones. A big part of this is conflict resolution, and if you compare real estate agents, a mark of experienced ones are those who listen calmly to both sides and are able to help find a solution.


In the real estate market, there are a lot of issues involved in a sale, and you need an experienced hand to help you navigate them all. This is why it’s better to go for experienced real estate agents.


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