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6 Eco-Energy Solutions for Your Home

People all over the world are looking to lead more green and energy-efficient lives. While fossil fuels have provided most of the energy around the world for a very long time, they are far from ideal for the environment. Their use pollutes the air and water, degrades the land and drives the global warming crisis in the world.

As a result, people are trying to do their part by being more energy-efficient. In fact, stats show that a large majority of people want to learn how to live more sustainably. While most people won’t stop using fossil fuels altogether, they will look for ways to cut down and reduce their usage.

With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few eco-energy solutions for your home, so you can do your part.

Rethink the Energy You Use

Of course, one of the best solutions for increasing how eco-friendly your home is will be to rethink the energy you use. Using green energy will not only greatly reduce your carbon footprint, but it likely won’t cost you any more than your current energy plan does. 100% green plans are available in many places, so don’t be scared to look and see what options you have.

These types of plans are even available for businesses looking to be more eco-friendly as well. If you’re not sure which plan is best suited for your needs (and budget), using a site like EnergyBot can certainly make your choice a little bit easier.

Replace Your Appliances

One of the biggest hogs of energy, power, and water in your home is likely your appliances. This includes washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, fridges and more. These can use a lot of energy, as most of us use them multiple times a week. Instead of continuing to use your same old appliances, consider replacing them with newer and more efficient models.

While replacing these appliances will certainly have an upfront cost in the form of actually purchasing it, they can pay for themselves over time. By using less energy, these will save you money on your bills, while also making your home more efficient.

Find and Seal Any Leaks or Drafts

As our homes age, it is common for the walls, doors and other parts of the home to shift. This can often lead to cracks, leaks or drafts materializing throughout the home. This can let air in and out easily, which isn’t good for efficiency. Letting the outdoor air in means you will need to run your A/C more often or longer to keep the home cool when it is warm outside, due to hot air continuously finding a way in.

The same can be said for heating your home when it is cold outside. By sealing up these drafts, and adding more insulation, you will save a ton of energy by reducing how much you need to heat and cool your home. Sealing up these leaks and drafts can often help the home look better, as well.

Invest in New Windows

Even though your windows are closed and they don’t appear to have any cracks or broken seals, there is a good chance they are still letting the outdoor air in. Single pane windows or ones that are sealed poorly can lead to a ton of energy loss. Consider outfitting your home with more modern and efficient windows, preferably that come in double pane.

If you don’t want to spend the amount required to change over your windows to more efficient double pane models, consider making upgrades to your current windows. This can include adding weatherproofing or changing out the glass within the windows.

Use an Energy Monitor

If you are curious about how energy efficient your home is, or want to see how much improvement your lifestyle changes have made, you’re not alone. Everyone wants to check on their progress and ensure they are doing their part. Thankfully, this is made easy due to the existence of energy monitors.

An energy monitor will show you a simple breakdown of just how much energy your home is using at a given time. They will generally be updated every minute, giving you a precise and accurate look at your usage. Getting them installed is quite simple and they are very affordable, as well.

Change Up Your Lighting

As you could imagine, your lights are one of the biggest power hogs in your home. While making sure to turn off lights when you don’t need them is great, sometimes it’s better to actually replace the lights. This is especially true if you are still using incandescent bulbs. These bulbs use a lot of power and can lead to inflated electricity bills and poor efficiency.

Instead, look to use CFLs and other long-lasting models that use less electricity. Not only will modern and efficient bulbs use less power, but they will generally last much longer as well. Sure, they may cost a couple of bucks extra at the store, but that is a small price to pay and these bulbs will generally pay for themselves over time.

In conclusion, any of the aforementioned solutions are great options to make your home more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.


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