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Adding Value To Your Home Is SO Worth It. Here’s What To Do

Your home is your biggest asset. It is where you store the majority of your wealth. For that reason, you want to look after it as best you can.

Did you know that there are many ways you can add value to your property? Take a look at these ideas, both big and small.

Add A Side Return To Expand Your Kitchen

The term “side return” extension first emerged in Britain. The country built thousands of properties in the Victorian era. But their kitchens were small, especially by today’s standards. Most were little more than glorified corridors that stuck out of the back of the main building.

Side returns, therefore, are a type of permitted development extension that gives them more width. With them, modern families have more room to enjoy the kitchen as a communal space.

Contemporary buyers don’t want to buy properties with outdated kitchens. So extensions like these can add a lot of value to your property.

Freshen Up The Window Frames

Wooden window frames can look tired and worn. And while repairing them is not a big job, it can put buyers off. If the woodwork looks dated, they can wonder whether there are more severe problems, like mold.

Unless your window frames are in dire condition, you rarely need to replace them. Apply a fresh coat of wood treatment and then add paint. The combination will immediately lift their appearance.

Convert Your Loft

Attic spaces are helpful for storage. But if you want to convert your home, try turning it into a fully usable room.

You can use lofts for all kinds of purposes: bedrooms, games rooms, and even libraries. Plus, you don’t usually require any form of planning permission.

Improve Your Landscaping

Creating a great first impression is essential when selling a property. The better it looks, the higher the premium people will pay.

Remember, most buyers aren’t hard-nosed property moguls. The majority will decide how much to spend on a property based on their gut feeling about it. If they can imagine living there, they will pay more.

Landscaping at the front of your property, therefore, can encourage them to part with more of their cash. Beautiful paving, lawn edging, and flower beds can all make a massive difference. And adding a fountain takes things to the next level.

Apply For Planning Permission

Interestingly, the mere act of applying for (and getting) planning permission can increase the value of a house.

Let’s say that you own a small home that could benefit from an extension. You don’t actually have to build the added living space to increase its value. Instead, all you need to do is get planning accepted. The buyer is then free to build the extension after they move in, without going through the lengthy planning process.

Convert Your Garage

Garages were once spaces for cars. But now most brands make vehicles that can live outside year-round. Now, many savvy homeowners are converting them into new living spaces, like playrooms for their kids.


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