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6 Exterior Design Details To Make Your Home Unique

The exterior of a house matters just as much if not more than the interior because it constitutes the first impression visitors and guests have of your home. However, it is very easy for a homeowner to fall into the trap of having a generic outlook of their home simply to suit the prevailing trend. Here are some unique exterior design ideas to make your house stand out and really reflect your personality and tastes.

  1. Imaginative Landscaping

Greenery and ample foliage is a wonderfully fashionable idea for a home façade since time immemorial. Regardless of the size of your home, try to use calculated landscaping such as planting trees, flower bushes, shrubs, and so forth to give an outdoorsy and tranquil impression.

The more green your surroundings are the more easily visitors will be able to relax and outdoor gatherings like BBQs and pool parties will also be more rejuvenating. Celebrity homes are lush green for a reason as foliage and trees also provide shade and cover from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby. You can also employ the style of lush greenery against a modern, contemporary home that makes use of monochrome colors like grey and black.

  1. The Wooden & Faux Wooden Look 

Wood is a universally pleasing feature and design element regardless of where it is used in the home. Using it for the exterior is not only effortlessly modern pertaining to the farmhouse chic, beach house, and cabin style but also vintage depending on how the wood is utilized. Everyone loves a Victorian or Georgian design moment! You can choose wood accents in a variety of shades to add an organic touch to the exterior of your home and also improve its curb appeal and value.

If you feel the wooden accents are too costly, you can always use a cheaper faux or plywood element as well just for the effect. Be wary of using such a type of wood for doors like the front door or the garage door because they will be regularly used and could get damaged if the plywood cannot take the wear and tear. A feature common in medieval houses was that of wooden roofing shingles which is making a bit of a comeback and that is another way to adorn the exterior of your house with a wooden touch. Consult a commercial roofing contractor to help you transition to wooden roofing shingles.

  1. Let There Be Light! 

Lighting is an incredibly important part of the external ambiance of your home and should never be underestimated. Use a variety of fixtures and lighting solutions to create the feeling of an exotic safe haven so that you can enjoy your evening walk, have gatherings outside, and generally have a relaxing place to unwind after a long day.

Outdoor lights should be used partly for creating an atmosphere and partly for illuminating certain areas on your lawn such as your patio, a fountain or bird feeder, a rockery, or a set of well-trimmed shrubberies. By installing impact windows and doors you can also largely prevent bugs, pests, or dirt from entering your home.

  1. Invest In A Porch 

With the rise of the Hygge lifestyle and other concepts of home coziness and comfort, the porch can be a space that can easily be transformed into another cozy corner to relax in, have a cup of tea, or read a book. If you do not have a porch you can hire contractors to have one made around your front door. The porch can then be decorated with planks or tiles and pottery and plants can be arranged there with perhaps wicker chairs and a hammock. The porch is really an extension of your interior décor so utilize it as such.

  1. Ample Windows 

A modern adaptation of a stylish lake house design is to have an abundance of tall windows that allow for tons of natural light to enter a house. Having high ceilings is often part of the design but this is exceptionally impactful in terms of the exterior as well. If the tall windows are teamed with foliage and trees it can have a real fairytale cottage effect that is very unique and magical.

  1. Vertical Shutters & White Bricks

A brilliant style to follow if you are in doubt is to install vertical shutters in monochrome colors or blue and to paint the bricks white. This style is a fusion between vintage and contemporary and is brilliantly impactful.


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