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High-Rise Condos Miami: How to Find the Perfect One

Condos have become the perfect choice for anyone who wants to own a home without having to worrying about upkeep. Of course, there are still things you need to maintain yourself, but it’s much easier than looking after a house. Additionally, you can easily take advantage of shared amenities, such as a gym, common area maintenance, and so on. All in all, condos are a great choice, but how do you find the right one for you? Today, we’ve put together a guide on high-rise condos Miami: how to find the perfect one for you in order to help you out.

Find a realtor who knows the condo market

No matter what kind of property you’re looking for, finding a real estate agent to help you is the right choice. However, when it comes to looking for a condo, you’ll want to make sure the realtor has experience finding condos. This way, you can be certain they can actually guide you through the process of buying a condo. The condo buying process has a few extra steps, such as reviewing condo association documents, and realtors without experience in that area won’t be able to help you as well. Additionally, the condo market is a bit different from other real estate markets. As such, it’s important to have hire a realtor who’s already helped people with the condo market. Finally, make sure to look out for signs you’re working with world class estate agent. A really good realtor can be hard to find, so it’s worth knowing when you do.

A realtor with experience in buying condos can make the process much more trivial.

Look for an FHA-approved condo

Getting a mortgage for a condo is much more involved than with any other property type. This is because it’s not just you that gets scrutinized, but the entire condo development itself, when applying. This is especially important in Miami, where the housing situation is always tight. The Federal Housing Agency (FHA), responsible for insuring FHA mortgages, has a list of approved condos on its website. Generally speaking, conventional lenders also have similar requirements as the FHA, so if a condo isn’t FHA approved you might not be able to get a conventional loan either. So, this is a pretty big factor when deciding to buy a condo. However, at this point, you should also consider how you’re going to get your belongings into the high-rise condo, since it can be difficult. It’s best to find assistance with any move, but even more so when moving into high-rise condos Miami.

Decide what amenities you want in your condo

The most important question to ask yourself when looking into high-rise condos Miami is: what amenities do you want? This is because condos offer a very wide variety of shared amenities. This can be something like amenities any condo should have, such as common area maintenance and snow removal. Some condos, however, even offer gyms, pools, outdoor-grills and other luxury-level amenities. When you buy a condo unit, you are buying access to all of these amenities, so let your realtor know what you want out of your condo. This will make the search much easier overall, and these amenities are one of the reasons why condos are the most preferable property type for millennials. In addition to telling your realtor about the amenities you want, tell them your budget. The price range is another factor which can help narrow down the search quite a bit, after all.

Condos come with a lot of shared amenities, so deciding which exactly you want narrows down the search.

Research the property management company before deciding

When living in a condo, you’re not responsible for the upkeep of the building, which is one of their pros. However, this means that if the property management company of your condo doesn’t fix things in a timely manner, you can’t do anything about it. After all, it can be annoying to pay association dues for amenities, then have them fall into disrepair. Additionally, poor management of the building can make your HOA dues higher, and negatively affect the value of your property. As such, when touring condos you are interested in, always ask who’s in charge of day-to-day maintenance. Then, do your own research into the company, and if they have a bad reputation then you might be better off looking elsewhere. Experts from City Movers note that you should always know what sort of building you’re moving into. Otherwise, you could get into all sorts of unnecessary issues.

Look into association fees, regulations and special assessments

Aside from the mortgage, you will need to pay condo association fees which contribute to the upkeep of the building. Additionally, ask what’s included in the fees and what you’ll need to handle outside of the monthly price. Finally, ask how often the fees increase in price, and by how much; this will give you an idea of how the price will grow in the future. Also, ask about any special house rules, such as needing to book common areas in advance or noise restrictions. Ask the property management company how the handle complaints, issues and how responsive they are during weekends and holidays. Finally, ask about any special assessments; these are extra fees the condo association might impose for a limited time in order to fund a large project. And, of course, you should know what to look for when looking for a new property, just to be safe.

Association fees are very important, so always inform yourself before buying a condo.

High-rise condos Miami: how to find the perfect one – wrap up

Buying a condo is an excellent choice for a lot of reasons. It allows you to get into homeownership without worrying about most of the maintenance while enjoying shared amenities. All in all, there are very few disadvantages to owning a condo. Of course, you will have to worry about association fees and the possibility of a price increase in that area. Still, it’s much easier to live in a condo than a house, even with the possibility of fees getting higher. As long as you can make sure the property management company doesn’t slack on any maintenance or repairs. We hope this guide on high-rise condos Miami: how to find the perfect one helps you find the right one for you, and we wish you a great rest of your day.

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