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6 Green Improvements That Will Boost Your Property’s Value

The number of buyers who are eco-aware is increasing every day. Fortunately, people are considerate about the environment, and the amount of energy their households spend. Putting a property on the market would mean you should think about the features that will attract more buyers and increase the chances for a fast and successful sale. However, not all of them will affect the price, so you need to be careful with the choices. This guide is for all of you thinking about selling your home soon – here are the best green improvements that will boost your property’s value and attract buyers a lot faster.

1.    Updating the appliances

Home appliances are often the biggest consumers of energy in every household. That’s why updating to a more energy-efficient option is desirable for so many reasons. Replacing the old appliances with Energy Star pieces will attract buyers for its modern design, but also the ability to save energy and reduce costs. Washer and dryer, as well as the fridge and stove, can really add up to the electricity bill, so getting a more budget-friendly option is always an advantage. Such an update will add to your home’s value and to its popularity on the market, and it doesn’t need to be a huge investment. Very often, manufacturers will offer significant discounts for replacing your old pieces with their new, energy-efficient models. Recycling is a big thing in this industry, so make sure to do the research and find stores that offer such a deal.

2.    Installing energy-efficient windows

Unless your property is located in an area with a very mild climate, this is an important project to consider even if you’re not selling. The efficiency of temperature regulation, as well as heating and cooling systems solely depends on the condition of your home and the windows in each room. Windows are the barrier that keeps the inside of the house warm, not letting the heat leave in winter. At the same time, windows that are in a good shape will ensure the cold doesn’t come inside as well. One of the best green improvements that will boost your property’s value is installing eco-friendly windows. This means they should be made out of sustainable, recyclable materials, but also include double or triple-glazed low-E glass. The coating on this glass reflects the heat back into the home, not affecting the amount of light it receives during the day.

3.    Proper insulation

Another update you can make when preparing a home for sale is insulation. It can boost your property’s value up to 6 percent, which is not a number you should underestimate. Energy-efficient insulation will ensure the temperature inside the property is regulated in the best way possible, keeping the heat in during the winter, but also ensuring the inside is not way too hot in the summer. Insulation can decrease energy costs and help new homeowners save, which is something they’ll be glad to pay a bit more for when purchasing the property.

4.    Solar panels for the win

Probably the most sought-after home feature these days is a roof with solar panels. This investment provides the property with renewable energy and makes energy more affordable than ever. Solar panels are a long-term investment that works in many climates. For all those reasons solar panels are a good choice for those preparing a home for sale. Buyers love to see solar panels on their prospective homes, and this feature certainly makes the choice a lot easier – especially if they are hesitating between two similar properties.

Even though they provide affordable energy, solar panels require certain upkeep. Don’t forget about them after the installation, especially if you’re selling your home in spring or summer. Solar panels require cleaning after autumn and winter as leaves, branches, and dirt can affect their performance. However, it’s important to leave maintenance to experts. Solar panel cleaning can be quite risky, so it’s wise to hire professionals to help you out.

5.    Smart home technology systems

The majority of buyers are involved with technology and will certainly appreciate this high-tech side of your home. Smart home systems are not here only for fun – they can improve the security and functionality of the property. And that leads to an increased property value. At the same time, these devices can help with saving energy and spending less on electricity. One such device is a smart thermostat, which ensures no heat is wasted – you can adjust the settings according to your needs as well as your schedule. Furthermore, smart lights with motion sensors will emit light only when necessary, or you can control them with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

6.    Greenery for a green home

Focusing on the interior is one of the common mistakes of inexperienced sellers. Don’t forget that your garden, as well as the whole curb appeal, plays a big role in selling your home. An inexpensive improvement you can do is to add plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers around the house. These are not only making the environment look beautiful, but they also support the local climate and create shade that can benefit the cooling system inside the house during the summer. When it comes to grass, artificial turf is low-maintenance, advise artificial turf. It looks good even if you don’t have a lot of time to take care of it, and it will certainly make your home look more attractive to buyers.

Final words

Don’t waste any money, energy, and time when trying to sell a property. Make smart choices that will help you attract prospective buyers and make them fall in love with your property at the first sight. These green improvements that will boost your property’s value are a great choice for preparing the home for a modern buyer who is aware of all the environmental changes and wants to do their part on minimizing the impact.

meta: Want to sell your home fast? Here are the top six green improvements that will boost your property’s value and ensure a successful sale.


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