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7 Smart Interior Design Tips to Make Your House a Home

Getting your home to look luxurious can be difficult, especially if you are on a strict budget. Luckily, there are many ways to decorate your home, even on a budget. Pulling a room together and changing the features to make your home functional and yet stylish is not an easy task, even if you have the budget. Things can get a little bit complicated, from choosing the paint to complement your rooms to the lighting options. However, below are some of the proven ways to make your house a home:

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Decorate with Big Plants

There are many reasons to include plants in your home. Besides adding some aesthetic value to your house, green plants can reduce the toxins in the atmosphere through absorption, hence improving your home’s air quality. Other benefits include helping lower blood pressure levels and boosting your mood by energizing your mind. Plants can also help you get better sleep.

Using plants is an excellent way to make your home unique both from the outside and the inside.  To make your home look good, try decorating using large plants. Place the plants in the lobby or even the living room. Plants are affordable, and they make an excellent addition to your home when you are looking to upraise the interior design on a budget.

Hang your Curtains High

The curtains in your house are like the best blazer when it comes to complimenting a suit. Your rooms will feel incomplete without a curtain, and besides their decorative benefits, curtains add some practicalities to your home. You can get some privacy by using the right length and appropriate mounting practices for your window curtains. But you can’t decorate broken windows. Try to get new windows for a house to compliment the curtains.

When choosing curtains for your windows, consider going for deluxe fabrics like velvet to generate a lavish frame for your windows. One big mistake you can make when hanging curtains is hanging them too high, just above the top of your window frame. Doing that will make the rooms and windows feel short. Therefore, hang the curtains high to make a grand imprint and make the room feel taller.

Color Matters

Picking the right paint color is one of the hardest decisions to make when decorating a room. This is especially true if the rest of the decor will depend on the color pallet. However, if you are looking to add some sophistication to your rooms, go for colors that add instant charm to your home. You can pick to go for bold and dramatic hues or even soft ones. Whichever type you choose should be able to add instant appeal to your home.

Alternatively, you can paint your inner doors black to create a luxurious feeling without necessarily breaking the bank automatically. However, if you decide to paint the doors black, ensure that you incorporate some black fixtures to your home to compliment the black door.

Hang Some Artwork

Artwork is usually disregarded as being expensive, perky, and exclusive. However, since the early days, people have been using artwork to decorate their homes, from family photographs, panting, and sculptures to things found in nature like pinecones and shells. Artwork adds an element to your home that makes it distinct to you and your family.

Some people might find a blank wall to be very calming; however, they find any artwork, especially those special to them, to add meaning to their homes. If you want to make your house feel more of a home, make a list of the things you love and want to see on your wall every day. The list can include a family portrait or a collection of books that you love to display creatively.

And when hanging artwork in your house, make sure that you do so at eye level.

Let Natural Light In

If you are like most people out there, you possibly spend most of your time outdoors. However, human beings evolved in the outdoors. So, what happens when you spend most of your time indoors? You tend to get less fresh air and less time in nature. Letting in some natural light can help you save energy and increase the focus in your home. There are other numerous benefits of natural light, from reducing stress and anxiety to reducing blood pressure.

You don’t need blackout shades, well, unless you are designing your bedroom. To let more natural light in your house, try to use sheer materials to create a natural and windy look. And when you want some privacy, try using some heavier yet luxurious fabrics like velvet. You can also combine sheers and velvet to get both choices in your living space.

Go for Unique Hardware Options

Sometimes, you can walk into a makeover store and be faced with myriads of finishes; you might feel lucky, but this is the best time to turn back and walk out of the door. Those bulk finishes might be inexpensive and also be of poor quality. However, the good news is that for a small amount of money, you can get elegant and expensive-looking finishes for your house. Places like the flea market, antique shops, and small hardware stores are usually the best place to look. Here, you can find expensive-looking and heavy-duty finishes at an even much affordable price.

Opt for Hardwood Flooring

Carpeting your home from wall to wall can be a good way of adding warmth. However, it is not the same style element that is offered by solid and glossy hardwood floors. Hardwood floors tend to give a classic and stylish look at an affordable price. Make a wise decision by buying a hardwood floor for your room. It can be an expensive decision; however, it will be worth it.


When decorating your home, you should aim to balance luxury and simplicity. Avoid going for irrelevant and complicated features. Choose the right paint color, avoid low-priced, poor quality items and shop wisely for all your decorating items. Take your time to create a budget for all the rooms in your home and think about the things you can do to save money, for instance, do your shopping at the flea market, small hardware store, and second-hand shops.


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