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7 Tips For Choosing The Right Style And Design of RTA Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

Ready-to-Assemble (or RTA) kitchen cabinets are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting custom cabinets without breaking the bank. Due to their easy installation procedure, a large selection of choices, and reasonable prices, these kinds of cabinets are one of the best upgrades for your kitchen.

Here are some things you should keep in mind if you’re considering an RTA Kitchen Cabinet!

Tip #1: Maximizing Your Space

When it comes to selecting the best cabinet for your kitchen, you should always bear in mind the space you have, and how to maximize it.

Below are just some ways how to see if your area is sufficient:

  • Decide how much storage you might need. Specifically, how many drawers or shelves you may want.
  • Be sure to measure the dimensions of your room. Doing so will ensure that you do not get anything oversized. Do take note of any corners or unusual angles that might need a specific furniture design.
  • Maximize the space available, whether large or small. You never know what you can fit into a section of your house, and you can even utilize your wall space in case floor real estate is lacking.
  • Once you have the dimensions of the room and what kinds of storage you’ll use, you need to think about the rest of your appliances. Ovens, fridges, and dishwashers are large and unwieldy, and smaller kitchens with limited space will provide a challenge to fit everything in.

The majority of RTA cabinets usually have a frame surrounding them. This is something to remember when selecting one, as the frame will add to the object’s overall dimensions.

Once the measurements are done, you can start selecting the perfect cabinet for your home. There are tons of styles, designs, and colors available, so there’s bound to be something that fits your aesthetic and price range.

Tip #2: Choosing the Right Color

Now comes the fun part – the one where you choose the perfect colors to represent yourself and your home. You can choose to go bright and bold, or more subtle and subdued. There’s always something for everyone!

While choosing the right colors for your cabinet can be daunting, there are many ways to select the perfect color for your kitchen. For example, neutral and muted shades tend to work better in kitchens with glossy surfaces. On the other hand, bolder colors shine more in rooms adorned with matte finishes. Or, you can create something even more unique by selecting widely contrasting colors for your RTA Cabinets.

Be sure to remember these points when thinking of the perfect shade for you:

  • Think of the overall mood you want to exhibit. Do you want something that’s quite consistent with the rest of your home’s decorations? Or do you prefer something with a stark distinction from the existing rooms?
  • Accents and highlights are the next things to think of once you’ve nailed the primary color. Consider the rest of the colors in your kitchen, particularly the countertops, floors, walls, and other items. Creating a unified, holistic theme for your kitchen is one great option to go with.
  • Textures are important for RTA Cabinets, as the cabinet’s material will have an effect on the overall look and feel of the colors. Depending on the make, be it laminate, veneer, or solid wood, each material has certain colors that look best on them.

With all these in mind, it should be quite easy to find the perfect style and design of RTA Kitchen Cabinets for your home.

Tip #3: Finding the Best Materials

Even though an RTA kitchen cabinet’s style and design are on top of the importance list, we should never skimp on the quality of the materials being used. Ideally, the perfect cabinet would be a long-term or even permanent fixture in your home. This won’t be possible if you get a piece made up of substandard materials. Never sacrifice durability!

Good thing the world has you covered! There are tons of options available, as you can shop online, visit your local mall, or even attempt a DIY (or do-it-yourself) project. You’ll eventually come across the perfect cabinet that’s within budget and would look perfect in your kitchen.

Here are just some of the popular choices for durable, high-quality cabinet materials:

  • The tried and tested solid wood. Cabinets made up of solid wood will often be guaranteed to have excellent durability and will last a lifetime. They also tend to offer a classic look.
  • Highly popular laminate and veneer. Cabinets that are made up of these are very easy to mold into different colors and styles. However, their versatility comes at a cost as these sometimes tend to have compromises in either cost or quality.
  • Plywood, MDF, particleboard, and melamine. These materials also have a huge variety in terms of colors and designs available. They also have various price points, ensuring that there’s something for every budget.

Each of these materials has different looks and feels to them, be it a modern or traditional design. No matter what material you end up choosing, be sure that they are properly treated against water or moisture damage. Doing so will ensure that the cabinets’ longevity will be maximized, and will look great for longer periods of time.

If you’re shopping in person, be sure to check that the construction joints are well done. Cabinets should be tight and have little to no gaps. These are usually some telltale signs of good quality and craftsmanship, and will also ensure long-term durability.

Again, the choice of material will be one of the biggest decisions in finding the best cabinet for your needs. You shouldn’t be afraid to take your time in this crucial step, as it will pay off in the end.

Tip #4: The Devil’s in the Details

Paying attention to the smallest detail is one key thing to do when purchasing an RTA Kitchen Cabinet. This is especially true since the right cabinet will help give your kitchen a unique personality and character. There are plenty of other small things to notice when shopping for a new cabinet.

Below are just some of the details to watch out for:

  • The cabinet’s finish. Circling back to the material choice, selecting the right finish should always be kept in mind. Popular options are glossy or matte surfaces. Others even select varying shades of woodgrain.
  • Hardware and fixtures. While some might even bat an eye when it comes to the non-wooden parts of the cabinet, selecting one with the right fixtures is also another important decision. There will be an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to cabinet handles and knobs, ranging from classical or even sleek, modern looks. Ideally, you go for a piece with a cohesive look.
  • Your existing countertops should also be considered when looking at new RTA kitchen cabinets. Depending on what you already have, such as a quartz or marble countertop, your choice of cabinet will vary greatly.

Looking at the cabinet as a whole, and not just the material type or color, will ensure that you get a quality piece of furniture. Like with every piece of the cabinet, even the smallest details will have tons of options to choose from.

Tip #5: Function Over Form

Some would consider form over functionality, but in terms of a new kitchen cabinet, both must be taken in equal spades. You might get tempted to get the most aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, only to later on find out that the item’s functionality does not meet your needs at all. Making the most of an RTA Kitchen Cabinets’ functionality and durability is crucial in creating a successful kitchen.

Below are some considerations to have in mind when thinking of what storage you need:

  • Ensuring everything will fit. Visualize the things that you intend to keep in your new kitchen cabinet. Make sure that most, if not all, of these tools will have a place. This also includes adjustable space for larger items such as cookware and appliances.
  • You will also need to consider if the shelves and drawers can open and close properly without any hindrances.
  • You might want to look into getting a slow-closing door or soft-closing drawers for a quiet kitchen environment.

Another option is to go for smaller cabinets that feature open shelves or even glass doors. Depending on your setup, this could look aesthetically pleasing while also giving you easy access to all of your kitchen essentials.

In a nutshell, the perfect RTA kitchen cabinet will have the perfect balance between aesthetics, form, and function. Be sure to consider what you intend to accomplish with your new cabinet when making this critical decision for your home.


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