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8 Cheap Bathroom Ideas That’ll Make Your Space Radiate Awesomeness

There are almost 130 million households in the United States. While all of them are comprised of different people and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, do you know what they in common?

They have a bathroom.

Ahhh, bathrooms. That special room in our house that we all have a love/hate relationship with.

On the one hand, bathrooms are great because they’re undeniably functional. On the other hand, they tend to be among the most grubby rooms in a house.

Not anymore though!

In this write-up, we suggest a few cheap bathroom ideas that can turn that cruddy little room where you keep your toilet and shower into a room that you’ll want to spend all day in (better buy more magazines).

1. Add in Some Unique Throw Rugs

Part of why bathrooms lack charm is because they are designed to look sterile. We understand the practicality of that, of course.

There’s some pretty nasty stuff that happens in a restroom so being able to see that things look clean can afford a lot of people peace of mind.

There’s some room for pops of personality in that equation though and one of the easiest ways to add those pops is by throwing down some unique throw rugs.

Find throw rugs that are unlike the typical, short-haired monochromatic color-fare. Find rugs that stand out, are fluffy and really act as a focal point for your restroom.

2. Throw in Curved Shower Rod

Most of us don’t have the kind of money that buys massive showers. Just because you can’t fully stretch out in your tub though doesn’t mean that you can’t make it seem like you can.

One of the coolest cheap bathroom ideas that we’ve seen which seems to add a few extra inches to your tub-area is to go with a curved shower rod as opposed to a traditional straight one.

Curved rods can be found at just about any bathroom appliance store.

3. Try Out a Tile Swap

Alright… As far as cheap bathroom ideas go, this is definitely one of the more expensive solutions that you could find out more about. We thought we’d suggest it through because new tiles in your bathroom will completely transform your space!

And by the way, if you think that tiling your bathroom is completely bank-breaking, think again.

There are plenty of cheap tilesets out there that even cash-conscious people can buy into. You’ve just got to look!

4. Use a Ladder for Towel Storage

If you have a short, rustic looking step ladder lying around your garage, dust that bad-boy off and lean it up against one of your bathroom walls. Those things make for awesome towel racks!

You could even hang magazines off of your ladder if you’re looking for a creative place to store your reading materials.

5. Use Shower Caddies Under Your Sink

Open your under-sink storage area and try not to scream…. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Yeah, we thought so.

Most people’s under-sink space is an absolute mess. Bringing order to that space can bring balance to your bathroom as a whole (pretty Star Warsy, right?).

The best way to do that is to pick up some cheap shower caddies and stand them up in your storage space. Now, rather than throwing all of those spare shampoo bottles around, you can shelve them in your caddie and make things look more civil.

6. Place a Whiteboard on Your Sink

Before you run out to buy a whiteboard that would make your elementary school teachers jealous, let us clarify that we’re talking about a small whiteboard here. Like… Of the personal-sized variety.

Take whatever small whiteboard you can find at your local crafts store, stand it up vertically with a cute stand and put a flower next to it for extra effect. Now, whenever you need to remember something in the morning, you can write it down on your whiteboard the night before and you’ll see it right away!

7. Plants, Plants, Plants

Who said that bathrooms and plants don’t go together? If you buy the right kind of plants, they totally can!

Find some bathroom safe plants on the internet or online and start adorning your space with some greenery. Don’t go too overboard since going potty in a forest isn’t for everyone.

A few plants here and there though should do your soul some good.

8. Get Creative with Toilet Paper

It might seem like there’s nothing creative about toilet paper but anybody that thinks that just isn’t very creative!

Rather than sitting your toilet paper rolls on that boring, metallic sphere by your toilet, find a creative looking holder that you can install where your typical toilet roller goes or stand one up on the top of your toilet.

If you find a super creative toilet paper holding solution as a result of this cheap bathroom ideas fave, believe us when we say that all of your guests will be talking about it.

Wrapping Up Cheap Bathroom Ideas That’ll Make Your Space Awesome

We just hit you with a lot of cheap bathroom ideas so take a deep breath and just take everything in. You don’t have to go crazy and do all of the things that we’ve suggested at once. You certainly can but there’s also no shame in starting small. And don’t forget to add mobility baths if there is a diabled person in the household.

If you take things one step at a time, sooner than you can believe, your bathroom will be the envy of everyone that’s lucky enough to use your toilet!

Looking for more property inspiration? Then look no further than more of the fun and inspirational content on our blog!


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