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Leave It to a Professional: What Does a Good Locksmith Do?

Did you know that over 4 million motorists have locked themselves out of their cars? People couldn’t keep up with the evolving technology of smart keys, and that remains true today. There are still people who lose their traditional keys, whether for their homes or cars, and need someone to break them back in.

Who ends up rescuing these people? That’s right, locksmiths – but that’s not everything a locksmith does.

What does a locksmith do? Find out the answers to that below.

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Did you know that a locksmith’s job goes beyond lock picking or installing locks? They have to undergo training or apprenticeship to get a qualification. Then, if the state requires it, they must then get a certification or a license.

Here’s a rundown of the services they provide:

Any Service Involving Keys

Whatever problem you have involving your house key or car key, you can rely on a locksmith for help. What does a locksmith do? Here are examples of the key services they can provide to help you fully understand:


When a key gets stuck in the lock, our instinct is to try to rattle and force it out. This, however, can make the situation worse as the key might snap in half, which will make the other piece inside the lock be harder to pull out without the right tools.

A locksmith can fix the situation fast and without dealing with more damage. They have special tools to be able to pull out the key without harming the lock.


If there are more than one resident in a home, they’ll need working copies of the same key. For that, you’ll only need to go to a locksmith. This process is easy and fast, so they can also come to you to do this service at your location.

Key Replacement

In cases of lost keys wherein you don’t need to have the lock replaced, you can get a replacement. Some services offer to find you a match when you give them the lock code, which should be somewhere on the lock.

Car Key Recovery

If you lost the only key to your car, you don’t need to have the lock rekeyed as your first course of action. You can ask a locksmith to get you an original key for your car.

They’ll need the key code, which you can get from your local dealership. You have to prove you’re the owner of the car with a title or registration papers. Although you can use that key code to have the dealership cut the new key for you, a locksmith can do this 24/7.

A professional locksmith can also cut a key based on your car’s VIN.

Key Programming

A transponder key has a chip inside it that provides another layer of security. It verifies the user by communicating with the car’s receiver. If the transponder receives the correct signal, the car owner would be able to start the car.

Such keys need programming (or reprogramming) to the vehicle’s system. Otherwise, the vehicle won’t start.

Locks on Doors and Windows

Locksmiths, of course, work on different kinds of locks, too. The following are examples of door and window lock services they provide.

Installing Locks

There are many DIY tutorials out there about lock installation. But it’s still better to hire a professional locksmith to do the job for you. It requires precision and know-how so that it will work the proper way.

If an untrained individual does it, they risk damaging the door. They may drill a hole in the wrong location or break the lock in the process. The more complex the lock is, the riskier it is to do it yourself.

Those who want the job done in an instant don’t need to worry, though. Because of their years of experience, locksmiths can finish the installation faster. However, the time will still depend on several factors, such as the material of your door, the thickness of the material, and the complexity of the lock system.

Lock Repair

In the unfortunate instance, you break your lock (or a burglar broke in), a locksmith can repair. It will depend on the damage, though.

They will assess it first before deciding on the best solution. If they recommend you to replace it instead, the damage may be too extensive for repairs.


Rekeying is a must when you lost the key to your house or when moving into a new home, among other scenarios. This is the process of swapping out the internal components of the lock to allow a different key to open it. The old key won’t work anymore, ensuring that those with the previous key and its copies won’t be able to access your home.

Door Closers

Did you know that locksmiths can work on door closers, too? These are the mechanisms that close the door whenever it opens. It ensures that the doors are always closed no matter who or how many opened it. It can also keep the hot or cold air out and keep the room secure.

If you want to install one in your home, your shop, or your building, a locksmith can do it for you. They can also repair or replace it.

Vehicle Locks

Locksmiths can also specialize in vehicles, and they do more than getting you into your car when you’re locked out.

Car Door Lock Replacement or Re-keying

If you fear that someone else has the key to your car or the lock broke, you can call an auto locksmith to change it or re-key it for you. This is about the same as replacing a lock on the door, but you have to make sure to have your new keys programmed, too, if needed.

Ignition Switch Repair or Replacement

When an ignition switch is faulty, the car won’t start. The energy from the battery isn’t going in the right direction. People often blame the battery first before finding out that the real cause.

If you do find that you have a faulty switch, call a locksmith to replace it for you. Sometimes, they can repair it by replacing a single piece or fixing the wiring.

However, that’s not often the case. It can be hard to find the specific parts and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact issue with it. Thus, a replacement is more often than not the solution.

Picking Locks

This is one of the most popular services of locksmiths as they’re the ones who can pick your lock for instant access.

Will a locksmith open your house for anyone? Well, they’ll have to verify first, but it’s only a matter of showing an ID.

They can pick the locks on most homes but not the more advanced systems. They can also open the car door for you by using Slim Jims, laser key decoder, and other tools.

Dealing with Other Items with Locks

Locksmiths may also provide services on the following things:

Push Bar

A handyman can install a push bar, but you can rely on a locksmith to do this, too. That’s because they have the right tools and the knowledge to install it.

They will also be able to identify the issue if it’s not locking the proper way. Is the issue in the internal or external mechanism? They will know upon inspection.

Mailbox Locks

Locks for mailboxes are also within the scope of a locksmith’s job.

Security Safes

Locksmiths can also have a specialization in security safes. This type requires another layer of security, and so it requires more knowledge. Certified locksmiths can install, supply, repair, or open safes and vaults.

Access Control

Locksmiths don’t only work on traditional locks. They can also deal with higher technology systems, such as access control. This is a system used to authorize or restrict access to a room or a resource.

If you’re looking for a locksmith to do this, though, make sure they have the proper certification. They should have an MLA license to work on domestic and commercial properties.

Emergency 24-hr Assistance

Have you ever found yourself stranded in a sketchy neighborhood in the middle of the night while locked out of your car? This isn’t a position you ever want to be in, but the good news is you can call a locksmith to help you out of this situation whenever and wherever – provided you have access to a phone.

Professional locksmiths should be able to assist you in short notice at any time of the day when you’re locked out of your home or car. They can also help you with lost keys or lock repairs due to burglary or other reasons.

If you need a new key, locksmiths can cut a spare key right there and then. You can find out more here.

Call a Professional Locksmith Near You

What does a locksmith do? They can do a lot more than break you back into your car or house. They handle a lot of other problems and now you know to call one if you ever encounter any of the issues above.

Why stop here? You can learn more about locksmiths by reading our other posts today.


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