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The Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Many Americans want to keep their lawn as healthy as possible. In fact, the average household spends about $503 per year on lawn care and gardening activities. Some of these activities are more effective than others when it comes to keeping your lawn and garden beautiful and usable.

Aerating your lawn is one effective way you can promote the growth of a healthy, thick lawn. Let’s answer some common questions, including “what does aerating your lawn do for your lawn” and “when should you aerate your lawn?”

Improves Lawn Health

Over time, soil can become compacted by foot traffic and even weather events. One of the key benefits of aerating your lawn is that it reduces soil compaction. This can greatly improve your lawn’s health.

Less soil compaction means air, water, and nutrients can reach the roots easier. Plus, roots can spread easier because they don’t have a dense barrier to fight through. This leads to stronger and denser growth.

Since your soil will have more oxygen in it, you’ll also see an increase in beneficial organisms. Earthworms and other insects, as well as aerobic bacteria and fungi, help maintain soil health, but they need oxygen-rich soil to survive.

Build a Thicker Lawn

Healthy grass is more likely to be able to fight off diseases. You’ll see fewer dead patches as your lawn grows thicker and remains healthier over time.

In addition, thicker lawns with strong roots can outcompete weeds. This can lead to a luscious lawn with very few weeds, reducing your reliance on chemical weed killers.

While lawn aeration and dethatching are different tasks, they usually go together when it comes to building a thicker lawn. Aeration can bring thatch-decomposing microorganisms into the thatch layer, helping it break down easier.

Aids Water Management

When soil becomes compacted, water can’t percolate into the ground. Instead, it tends to runoff or puddle, causing a number of issues.

When you aerate your lawn, you’ll help reduce runoff and erosion. You should also have less puddling occurring around your lawn. In addition, you can save water since you won’t have to water your lawn as frequently.

How to Aerate Your Lawn

You can aerate your lawn yourself. But by having a professional do it, you’ll save time and not have to deal with keeping the right equipment around.

Call your local lawn care company that offers a lawn aerating service. They will help you schedule a time when they can come to your home and aerate your lawn. This is also a good time to have them complete any other lawn care tasks you have.

In northern areas of the US, you should aim to aerate your lawn in the late summer or early fall, or even in early spring. In southern areas, late spring or very early summer is preferable.

If you live in the middle areas, known as the transition zone, getting specific advice for your region and type of lawn is recommended. The lawn care experts at can help create a schedule that will take the most advantage of lawn aeration.

Reap the Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn is a great way to keep it healthy and promote growth. Decreased compaction allows access to water, air, and nutrients, while also giving you a number of other benefits. By aerating your lawn and overseeding it each year, you’ll soon have the lawn of your dreams.

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