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The Benefits of Planed Wood for Home Improvement

There are many benefits to choosing planed timber for hands-on home improvement projects. Planed wood is sawn down until it has a smooth finish. It’s designed for projects where you can see the results. The quality is visible from each side. Unlike roughly sawn wood, it will have an even uniform look on all sides.

It’s also much easier to build something from planed wood, especially if you’re new to carpentry. You can even build something that compliments a specialist garden or interior. There are several popular uses of planed wood in the home. These include shelving, hung or sash windows, homemade furniture, and flooring.

The benefits of planed wood

There are several benefits to using planed wood for home improvement. Planed wood has a superior finish that you can either create yourself or buy pre-planed. If you’re looking to turn scrap wood into planed wood, learn this here now. You can invest in a wood planer if you’re really serious about your carpentry projects.

Planed wood along with its smooth appearance also offers a depth of color. A planed base is also the best for staining, paint, or treatment. You’ll be able to create the look you want due to its incredible versatility and workable surface.

Planed timber can be customized to your needs. It’s great if your planning on sprucing up a new house. You can put up a few shelves, or build or refurbish furniture. It’s a very versatile material.

Popular uses of planed wood

Planed wood is used in a number of DIY projects. This is because it makes the work easier and faster. The difference in quality is also visible at the end of the project. There are several popular uses of planed wood for home improvement.

Sash windows

A timeless classic, sash windows give a home a more traditional look. Planed timber as a window frame is much more durable and insulating. Sash windows are a great project for a self-builder. If you’re into a more rustic or traditional style, planed timber is ideal for your sash window design project. Certain woods are recommended for this type of project such as fir, oak, ash, beech, and maple.


Planed wood is ideal for shelving because it’s cut to size, and finished to perfection. Even if you’re a bit inexperienced in DIY, planed wood shelves couldn’t be easier to put up. Shelving units double as a great space saver and a decorative feature. You could use planed wood for a simple elegant design.

You can also find a combination of planed wood with metal among Interiorbeat bookcases selection. They feature an industrial modern design and raised metal base to match your other furniture.

Using planed wood for shelving is much less time-consuming. With an even finish, the quality will be visible immediately and you won’t need to do any more work to it.

Homemade furniture

Learning how to build your own homemade furniture is a wonderful skill to have. As well as customizing your own home’s interior you can give pieces as gifts, or even sell them. There are plenty of fun scrap wood projects for all levels of carpentry from complete beginner to expert.

Bespoke planed timber is a great choice for homemade furniture. Planed timber provides good usage, color, texture, figure, and stability. It’s also easy to paint or stain to any color you desire. You can even use reclaimed wood for a more environmentally-friendly approach and create the effect yourself using a planer.


Timber flooring is one of the most popular for home renovations. The unique quality in the marking and grains is very appealing, and no piece of flooring is the same. As well as looking good, home flooring should be flat and even. This is where planed wood comes in.

Planed wood makes a perfectly flat floor for walking on. It also creates a seamless effect. Each edge is so smooth and uniform that the pieces fit perfectly together. Planed wood flooring has a beautiful ascetic while being practical at the same time.

Roofing and fencing

Timber is one of many common roofing materials. Planed wood is used typically somewhere it can be seen. For example, if you’re planning on building a shed in your yard or a porch, the syle of planed wood will give a nice neat effect.

It’s also used for fencing, building frames, and animal hutches. Seen as the wood is so versatile it can be used for outdoor home improvement projects as well. Planed wood is not only pleasing to the eye, but it can go anywhere. It’s safe and easy to work with and great for many different types of home improvement projects.


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