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Best way to take Kratom

The best way to take Kratom powder remains a subject of debate. How do you handle your daily dose of the herb from Southeast Asia? Have you ever thought that the way you take Kratom has a way with how the effects manifest? There are several ways of taking Kratom, including the toss and wash method, Kratom tea, taking capsules, and liquid extracts. According to several online reviews and opinions from Kratom enthusiasts, toss and wash remain the most popular way to take Kratom.

How to take Kratom through toss and wash method

One of the most popular Kratom products among Kratom fans is Kratom powder. This partly explains why the toss and wash is the best way to take Kratom. There are various ways you can ingest Kratom powder, and this is one of the easiest.

In this method, you take a suitable dosage of Kratom powder of your favorite strain and put it in your mouth (toss). Then you gulp water and swirl the contents in your mouth before swallowing (wash). Another glass of water works perfectly to wash down the bitter aftertaste. If you prefer something sweeter to chase away the bitterness, a soft drink is considered an excellent idea.

Why is toss and wash the best way to take Kratom?

Over the years since the introduction of Kratom, people have always appreciated the toss and wash method. Despite the unpleasant taste associated with this technique, most people say they would rather bear the slight bitterness. After all, it’s only for a while. There are several reasons why Kratom veterans prefer this method of ingestion, some of which include the following.

Quick action and the manifestation of desired effects

There are several reasons why people are said to take Kratom. Kratom is said to offer beneficial effects to your body and mind. Kratom fans across the world claim that Kratom increases body energy, relieves pain and anxiety, as well as several other purported benefits of kratom. However, these effects are said to kick in at different rates. The method of taking Kratom is said to influence how faster or slower the effects kick in.

According to most fans, the toss and wash is the best way to take Kratom as it triggers the desired results faster than other either Kratom tea or capsules. Once you swallow the powder, it is believed to take a shorter time before reaching the targets for stimulation.

Minimal preparation needed

Those who love Kratom tea know how tedious it is to prepare. Fortunately, one of the reasons why the Toss and Wash technique is considered the best way to take Kratom is the ease of handling. You take your desired strain or blend of strains, a glass or two of water, and you are good to go. Simply tossing and washing down and the effects are said to manifest in torrents of energy and pleasantness.

Minimal wastage of Kratom powder

Some methods of taking Kratom involve considerable wastage of powder. This means that you have to keep replenishing your Kratom reserves now and then. However, if you are used to the toss and wash method, the chances are that you will not waste any powder, not unless you spill as you weigh the appropriate dosage. All the Kratom powder you weigh ends up in your system, unlike Kratom tea that may not extract all the components of Kratom powder.

A less costly Kratom lifestyle

Pure Kratom powder, which is commonly tossed and washed, is said to be cheaper compared to other Kratom products. For instance, Kratom capsules and liquid extracts are expensive and a spendthrift way of taking Kratom. If you are looking forward to a sustainable, cost-effective method of taking Kratom, the Toss and Wash method is believed to be the best way.

Less risk of tolerance

Kratom products, such as capsules and liquid extracts are highly potent. That means they have a high concentration of Mitragynine, the alkaloid that induces Kratom tolerance. As such, the chances of becoming tolerant for Kratom are high if you are used to such products. On the contrary, pure Kratom powder has a moderate alkaloid profile and has minimal chances of inducing Kratom tolerance. That is why the Toss and Wash method is believed to be the best way to take Kratom.

Bottom line

Maybe you are a Kratom fan, but you have never known the best way to take Kratom. While there are several ways you can enjoy the benefits of this botanical, the toss and wash method is said to be the best way to take Kratom. The effects are said to kick in faster with this method, which is said to be an excellent Kratom lifestyle. It is an easy and faster way of getting things done and will cost you much less in the long run. Hope you enjoy tossing and washing your favorite strains while you enjoy the best Kratom is said to offer.


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