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8 Reasons Why Manchester is a Great Place to Buy and Sell Property

Looking for a place to settle down can be quite difficult. There are loads of things to consider that don’t only involve the real estate market but also the area, surrounding educational facilities, cost of living, and quality of life.

One city of England that ticks all the boxes is Manchester. This is the perfect place to buy property if you are looking for a place to settle. As well as sell an existing property, either after renovating it or if you are looking to move to another borough.

There are loads of things to do in Manchester and there are many reasons why it’s a great place to either buy or sell a property. Here is a list of 8 reasons why:

Industrial Evolution

The manufacturing of machine-powered tools has put Manchester on the map. Being the first city in England to make the transition to machine-powered tools from handmade equipment, Manchester started the industrial revolution.

Manchester has no shortage of innovative ideas and creations when it comes to in-depth manufacturing. The study and production of more advanced products even granted them a Nobel prize. This prize was presented to the city for the creation of graphene. The smart development of quantum dots from the University of Manchester also put the city on the map. Making the city booming into an urbanized and industrial hub.

City of Trees

Manchester is also known as the City of Trees. Renowned for being a perfect blend of city life and forestry. The city has 10 boroughs that provide ample green spaces and gorgeous scenic views.

Each borough has something special to offer. Depending on your personal needs, you’ll be able to make a high-quality living in any of them. Each borough also has a strong market for selling and buying property. Follow this guide to the 10 boroughs of Manchester.

Delicious Food

Nothing says ‘home’ more than deliciously hearty food and Manchester has no shortage of that. The city offers loads of food and beverage festivals to its citizens as well as highly-ranked restaurants. Some of the most famous restaurants to try out are The French, Manchester House, and Aumbry.

Chefs at upper-class restaurants are working hard at their craft to earn the City of Trees its first Michelin star.

Not to forget the local breweries who can really pull a pint. Delicious beers are brewed in local’s homes and sold to pub-goers. An influx in tourism is greatly due to tourists visiting Manchester specifically for the delicious taste of microbreweries’ beers.

Excellent Economy

The City of Trees is growing rapidly and has become the home of over 2,000 foreign enterprises. Apart from London, Manchester has become the fastest-growing British economy with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of £28 billion.

Investors are flooding to the city gates for business opportunities, retail development, franchise distribution, and property development. With a growing economy, it’s never a bad idea to invest in property. You’ll also never have a problem selling your already-owned home.

Creative Wonders

The city has some of the UK’s best creative agencies that feature many high-profile designers and artists.  Anyone who loves the arts will feel right at home as the arts and culture ecology has risen drastically over the past couple of years. Citizens can enjoy the Manchester International Festival (MIF) that features loads of international acts, artists, and special experiences. During this festival, citizens have ample opportunities for business.

There are loads of other arts and culture centers that attract locals and tourists from around the world. These centers include; The Lowry, The People’s History Museum, The Imperial War Museum, Kraak Gallery, Paper gallery, and the John Ryland’s Gallery amongst many others.

Stay up to date on all local arts and culture events and news here:


There’s just no way that you can talk about Manchester without mentioning Football. Whether you are a City or United supporter or neither, anyone living in the City of Trees will be able to enjoy the vibrant spirit when it’s time for a football match.

What makes it even greater is that the teams are recognized as some of the best in the world. Giving citizens an extra boost in pride and closeness.  It won’t go unnoticed if there’s a game going on as every pub, restaurant, and social place will have it blasting over big-screen televisions and speakers.

Excellent Education

Anyone buying a house, especially if they have a growing family, will consider the education systems in the area. Manchester has one of the largest university student populations in Europe. Almost 80,000 students live in the city to get a high-quality education.

With 25 Nobel Prize winners under its belt, Manchester University is ranked third in the UK after Cambridge and Oxford. Studying at this university will guarantee students a job after graduation since employers flood to the establishment to employ.

There’s no shortage of high-quality schools either, providing many options for parents who want to start or relocate their family to any of the boroughs.

The Locals

The kind of people that live in an area can truly make or break a place. It is well known that locals are friendly, warm-hearted, and quirky. There’s a great sense of community amongst inhabitants which can make anyone feel right at home.

In 2017, the entire community pulled together after the distraught attack on the city’s arena. Consoling each other, supporting neighbors, and standing together strengthened the public and created an even better place to live in.

Anyone buying a house will feel the love from its citizens, this is why people who put their property on the market really sell a house fast in Manchester.

Not only is Manchester an excellent option for buyers and sellers, but it is also a destination for many tourists from all around the globe. With its growing economy, rich culture, and lovely locals, the real estate industry will keep rising.


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