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How to Boost your Home’s Market Value Through Luxurious Design

By enhancing your property’s curb appeal, you significantly increase its worth. Discussed are some unique design ideas to give your home a definite sense of luxury and class. All reputable real-estate agents like will undoubtedly recommend that you boost your home’s market value before selling, here is how:

Add That Modern Touch

Modernize your home with new century furnishings. Enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home adds to its value significantly. Replace careworn cupboards and closets with modern, vibrant designs that suit the style of your home. Extra storage space is always much appreciated. Consider adding some additional cabinets to open wall areas and perhaps a walk-in pantry.

A major selling point for any home is the kitchen. If you have an electric stove, consider replacing it with a gas unit. Update the kitchen counters. Granite countertops are a fantastic feature for any kitchen. Not only do they look fantastic, but they are also easy to maintain and are highly practical. Granite is a highly durable, natural material, being resistant to cracks and chips. Consider re-modeling the bathrooms. Tile the floors with exquisite designs; ensure bathroom fittings are modern and well designed.

Let There Be Light

Lighting brightens, livens, and can impact significantly on the entire home’s appearance. Used to significant effect it can complement the properties’ architectural features and color scheme enormously. Replace old light fittings and lampshades with new and fashionable designs. Install under cabinet light strips on kitchen surfaces and work areas.

By adding dimmer switches on light fixtures, this allows you to have control over the light intensity of your home. You can now create a perfect atmosphere for any room. Besides, control of the lights dimming means more energy and cost savings.

Spruce Up the Yard

The exterior of the home is one of the first things people see. Be sure to make a favorable, lasting first impression. Lay down attractive paving with attention-grabbing patterns that lead up to the doorstep. Not only does paving add to the attractiveness of your property, but it will also provide great convenience during those rainy days. Ensure that the garden is neat, and the lawn is evenly mowed.

Make flower beds in appropriate locations throughout the yard. Then fill these beds with a variety of flowers to create a kaleidoscope of color. By adding water features and installing automatic water systems, you add that extra value to the home.

Add Outdoor Features

Building a deck in the garden creates the perfect place for entertaining guests. It lends to the style and overall character of your home. The additions you could add to the decking area are numerous. A barbeque area, outdoor pizza oven, jacuzzi, and gaming tables are just a few examples.

Adding a pool to the property adds instant and substantial value to any home. If you already have a pool, install lights in and around the swimming area. Colored underwater lights give your pool fantastic character, particularly at night. For those colder days, a warm gathering place for family and friends will be welcome. A fire-pit located in an evocative part of the yard adds to your home’s splendor and value.


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