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The Most Brilliant Interior Design Trends Of 2020

Back in January, we thought that there would be a massive shift in the way we view our homes. Now many months on, we can see that that has come to fruition. Certain themes and schemes have risen to the top because of the sheer delight they bring to the house.

Others have been given the light of day because they are a knee jerk reaction to the dominant neutral style that has been around for the better part of a decade. Both avenues of style are unique and valid. To begin with, we must look at how interior style trends of 2020 seek to bring new dimensions and inspiration to the rooms that they reside in.

Bar cabinets and drawers

Not every decor piece has to be purely for style. The bar cabinet or drawer has been chosen to show this in motion. Bar cabinets have historically been made from glass or wood. It gives you more storage space of your drinks and refreshments.

It’s also classy because traditional homes have this kind of replenishment center, whereby the owner of the house can pour his or her guests a drink without needing to leave the room. It keeps the conversation flowing and can double as a conversation piece in its own right.

But what kind of style should you get? Bare wood or reclaimed wood is a great material choice. It’s raw, beautiful and not as pretentious as other woods might be. It’s naturally rustic because unvarnished wood is not going to reflect light so readily and will feel a little coarse.

Bar drawers are deliberately practical. Their sole purpose is to store drink bottles and prevent them from going flat. Try oak or beech wood for the material, as these two kinds of wood are non-expensive but they are thick enough to keep the ambient temperature of the room out.

Tranquil hues save the day

Pastel shades have been noted for their subtle addition to the home’s style but they also make you feel calm. However, in 2020, this has gone one step further as off-color pastel shades have become the norm. Rather than a dull baby blue, go for a powder blue instead.

Rather than a chalk yellow, go for a sunlight beige color instead. Think about any pastel color that you’re used to, and drop it down by one or two notches. The level of brightness and sharpness is decreased and you can enjoy a dimmer shade which is more akin to a neutral spectrum.

But where can you apply this? The sofa is a good place to start. Select sofa cushions in haze pink or swamp green. The pillows and cushions don’t have to match either, as you’re trying to create a new look that shows all the angles of tranquil pastels.

Navy is the new white

Blue is the color of 2020, there’s no doubt about it. But why? Well, because there has been a dominant decade of neutral colors, blue has been chosen as a replacement because it is so versatile. Because you can go from sky blue to royal blue in the same room without offsetting your decor, it’s become the number one choice for homes in 2020.

Consider a blue bed sheet set. Navy blue bed sheets and pillowcases are a brilliant start. Not only do they look good in the daytime, but during the night they help you to sleep better because unlike white, they won’t reflect the moonlight coming in through the window. Make sure that they are made from cotton instead of other materials like satin or silk. You want a subtle style with blue because it’s already regal enough.

If you really wish to be bold, your walls should be painted in navy blue too. This is a color that will add a flare and class to your bedroom, for sure. If you feel you do want to offset the blue wallpaper, a white and navy blue bed sheet color scheme would be great.

The return of the formal dining room

The previous decade was all about being comfortable during dinner time. There was a style ethos that dominated the home, whereby, you should feel comfortable when you’re reading, eating, sleeping, chatting or cooking. However, this meant that formal styles had to go as they demand decorum, protocol and a certain way to carry yourself in your own home. This meant that dining rooms were purely for ornamentation purposes.

With traditional dining room table sets like the Stanley Horizon nine-piece set, you can bring back the level of class and style that once existed in your home. Formal dining room sets are a statement on their own. They have always been a marker for the level of confidence and style the homeowner has. They feel purposeful as if they have been made to be upstanding and respectful of the home. A true formal dining room, gives space to entertain guests, feel removed from the various other areas of the home and is, of course, the heart of family meals and discussions.

Colorful kitchens

Kitchens have notoriously been neutral for the past 10 years or so. The reason for this was simple. It was common thought that neutral homes look more sophisticated and they are the mark of a more upper-class modern decor. But this has gone on long enough and people want more character, more style, more joy and playfulness in their homes. That’s why colorful homes have become the norm, starting off with the kitchen.

Your kitchen appliances and equipment can and should be all colors of the rainbow. You can have a bright blue oven, with a bright orange microwave and a bright green fridge freezer. The cabinets can be an autumn brown or perhaps cream or beige. The kitchen should also have bright green luscious plants. These should be sat on the kitchen counter and indeed, on the window sills where they can get the most light.

Victorian-style ornamentation

During the Victorian Era, households were encouraged to look cultured and traveled. This made every average homeowner want to display their souvenirs and display artwork from around the world. This is something that is managing to make a large comeback as more and more people are seeking to express themselves around their homes.

Put a figurine on your side table underneath your table lamp. It could be a figurine from your travels in Vietnam, so a farmer with a typical rice hat. You may find that if you love to dance, a Russian ballerina figurine standing in a window sill is your type of thing. These items can be made from brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic.

You can also place African paintings around the home if you have traveled to Africa or just love the art style that emanates from that part of the world. Tribal artwork is very interesting and can be placed in your foyer, living room or hallways. Your guests will be very impressed and curious about your chosen pieces, which stirs up a conversation.

Sustainable home interiors

The environment is so important to millions of people, that interior design has had to rapidly change to please this newfound customer. It’s quite incredible that so many living room furniture pieces can be made from wicker, sustainable cotton, wool and even wood.

Wicker chairs are naturally lighter but they don’t offer much in the way of warmth. Not to worry, you can add a throw on top of your wicker chairs and make them the perfect seating for reading nooks. They also double as amazing patio furniture because they’re so lightweight and have a naturally airy design.

If you’re into animal prints, then you should engage in faux fur and or natural materials that have been patterned in this way. Cotton area rugs in zebra patterns are very popular because the neutral black and white colors go with most rooms. You can also place sustainable animal designs in the room, such as wicker birds and butterflies in your kitchen window sill. They can also be perched on top of your cabinets.

Stools and Ottomans

Bar stools are another trend that seems to be making a lot of headway. Stools are great for the kitchen area, especially if it blends into the dining room. Both rooms are natural hangout zones and a stool makes for easy-sitting and relaxing.

However, Ottoman stools are also coming back into the home, as they provide far better cushioning of your feet than a sofa armrest. Consider satin as the cushion material for true authenticity and style. The color should be red, however, as it was the color that represented the Ottoman Empire and now Turkey, which is where this amazing decor item originates.

These exciting interior design trends are taking over 2020. They are so easy to implement, you just need a little patience to explore your tastes and then make the right purchases. Start off with blue, which is the dominant color of this year and perhaps, decade.


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