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Common Florida Insects to Look For in Summer

Did you know that over 1,166 types of insects live in Florida? Although this number seems giant, some Florida insects are more common than others.

Florida’s warm weather is the perfect place for many of these creepy crawlies to make their home or yard. While most of these bugs are a nuisance, others can cause extensive damage to your home and body.

Our helpful guide looks at the most common Florida insects you’ll see in the Sunshine state.


Ants are common insects that live on every continent except for Antarctica. They are social insects who live in colonies with a queen who they depend on for food and protection.

Some ant species, such as the red fire ant, can cause allergic reactions. Other ants, like sugar ants, are also a nuisance because you can find them taking over your home.

Chinch Bugs

You can find these common pests enjoying the roots of your lawn. They can do extensive damage to your yard if you don’t stop them.

Chinch bugs will dry out your grass and add toxins to them. You can tell if you have a chinch bug problem if your yard looks like it has been through a drought.

These bugs can build up a tolerance to insecticides, making them hard to get rid of. Contacting a professional pest service like is your best bet to solving your chinch bug problem.


Mosquitoes are small flying insects that can carry and transmit diseases such as malaria and Zika. They are one of the most common insect pests in the United States. You can find these bugs in many habitats, like urban areas, forests, and grasslands.

Many mosquitos breed in standing water. You can keep mosquitos at bay by keeping kid toys, birdbaths, and pet bowls empty when they aren’t in use. If all else fails, you can have a professional company spray your yard to keep them away.

House Flies

A house fly is a small insect that you can find buzzing around the indoors and outdoors. These summer pests love to eat garbage and food that is lying around.

Keep these flies away by covering up food after you have eaten it. Also, make sure to clean your home’s surfaces to keep them from spreading bacteria.

Bed Bugs

Although you can find bed bugs anytime, they are more common in the Florida summer tourist season. These tiny bugs are so tiny they spread without you even knowing it.

If you see little blood spots on your sheets, you may have a bed bug problem. These bugs also cause itching skin and rashes. You’ll need an exterminator to get rid of these gross bugs.

Keep Florida Insects Away with Pest Control

Nobody wants to deal with bugs while they are relaxing in the warm Florida sun. Thankfully, when you know the signs of these common Florida insects, you can take care of them early.

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