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Townhouse vs Duplex: What Are the Differences?

Are you a homeowner looking to make your next investment?

Buying a home that is not only affordable but also versatile is not easy. Many people nowadays choose to buy townhouses and duplexes.

There are, however, quite a few differences between a townhouse and a duplex, which most people can’t tell apart. If you are interested in buying a duplex or a townhouse and confused about the differences, look no further.

In this article, we will clear the air on townhouses vs duplexes and let you decide which one will suit you and your family the best.


There are a few key differences between the townhouse guide and the duplex guide about location. For starters, townhouses are often part of a larger community or development. It also is often located near one another in suburban areas.

On the other hand, duplexes tend to be standalone properties. It can be found in both suburban and urban neighborhoods. This can impact things like noise levels, as townhouses may be subject to HOA rules and regulations regarding noise.

Additionally, townhouses are usually attached to other properties, while duplexes are typically detached. This can impact things like privacy. Finally, townhouses typically have smaller yards than duplexes, as they are designed for Low-Maintenance Living.


A townhouse is typically larger than a duplex, but the size difference can vary significantly. A townhouse is usually two to three stories, while a duplex is usually only one or two stories.

The size of a townhouse can vary greatly, but they are typically at least 1,500 square feet. Meanwhile, a duplex is typically around 1,000 square feet. So, while a townhouse is usually much larger than a duplex, there can be a significant size difference between the two.


The largest difference between a townhouse and a duplex is the cost. A townhouse will usually cost more than a duplex. The reason for this is that a townhouse is a stand-alone unit, while a duplex is attached to another unit.

Therefore, a townhouse will have a higher price per square footage. In addition, a townhouse will often have more amenities than a duplex, such as a private backyard or garage.


One of the key differences between a townhouse and a duplex is the amount of maintenance required. A townhouse is typically a home that is attached to other homes on both sides, while a duplex is two separate detached homes. As a result, townhomes often require less maintenance than duplexes.

This is because there is typically less exterior maintenance required, such as painting since the townhome association often takes care of these things. You can have more benefits with it. You can check out this page to learn more about the advantages of buying one.

Additionally, townhomes often have smaller yards than duplexes, which means less time and effort are required to keep them up.

The Lifestyle Differences of a Townhouse vs Duplex

Townhouses are usually attached to other houses on either side, while duplexes are not. This means that townhouses typically have less privacy than duplexes. Additionally, townhouses usually have common areas like lobbies and courtyards that are shared with the other tenants, while duplexes do not.

This can be a downside if you’re someone who likes their privacy, but it can also be a benefit if you’re looking for a built-in community.

Keep coming back to our blog for more articles about townhouses vs duplexes and other home-related information.


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