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What to Consider: Choose the Perfect Toilet for Your Family

A toilet is among the critical items in your house. It is as useful as your kitchen or your resting place; hence needs better focus as you purchase it. The saturation of toilet options on the shelves should not confuse you during the selection.

So, what is the perfect toilet for your family? Of course, that is the question everyone will want to discover the answer but more about that later. Stick with me here as we get to the bottom of it.

Do you know that the toilet is the most important seat in the house? I’ll tell you why, and that does not mean we are overlooking the presence of other chairs overall. One small catch is that the toilet’s seat controls your hygiene.

A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) this year (2019) indicated as follows. More than two billion world population lack access to owning a decent toilet. Don’t get left behind for you to be part of these statistics.

Tips for Choosing a Toilet for Your Family

As earlier mentioned, the saturation of the market with many toilet products may be confusing, especially finding the right pick. This publication will simplify the specific details that you need before you arrive at your choice. Here we go.

1.    Installation Method

The toilets have multiple designs that come with their unique methods of installation. Let’s discover them in the following segment.

  • One Piece Toilet: In this case, the set contains a tank and the bowl. A key advantage with this model is it offers a more natural option for cleaning with a lower profile.
  • Two-Piece Toilet: This type is a bit complex and efficient. Its structure involves a tank that you can mount on the lower piece bowl) and the top piece. One thing for sure about this type is the ability to maintain or repair.
  • Well Hung Toilet: Here, there is a tank place behind the wall with a bowl also secured on the wall. Also, its installation height is usually flexible.
  • Kohler Intelligent Toilet: This is a modern facility, backed by the current technology. It consists of an automatic flash and seat system. Interestingly, it also has customized presets and integrated cleansing.

2.    Costs

The prices of the toiles differ according to their existing features. The lowest prices can only match a basic economic model. This variety does not have complicated features and therefore most affordable for the lower class cadre.

The costly one has additional features that improve its efficiency and effectiveness. For example, the ones that use electronic technology also referred to as intelligent toilets. They have automated systems that are less strenuous to the user.

When you buy an expensive toilet, put in mind that the replacement of any defective part is never cheap. There are automatic costs that you will encounter during transportation and installation.

You need to handle them carefully since their materials like porcelain or vitreous china can crack if dropped. Make sure you have enough human resources during the transporting and installation process.

3.    Measurements

You should measure the ideal toilet as a way of determining if it will perfectly fit at its required location. Most importantly, you may use the measurements of the old toilet to ascertain the correct size of the new one.

Perform a rough-in measurement. Here, it all involves measuring from the wall that is behind your toilet towards the center of the bolts. A standard toilet should have a rough-in-measurement of 11 to 13 inches.

For smaller bathrooms, the toilets can accommodate a rough-in measurement of 10 inches. The only difference in this type is you may have to measure the whole space that surrounds the toilet.

4.    Flushing Technology

While having other factors at your tips, the flushing efficiency is a vital thing to consider. The older designs used to consume 3.5 gallons of water in a single flush. Later, improved versions came and reduced it to 1.6 gallons at ago.

Some toilets consume low water as you flush. They are power-assisted, or they make use of gravity. Some toilets have a better flushing technology than others. Proper research will help you understand this aspect better.

If you want to reduce your water bill and conserve water, then go for the toilets that have dual-flush technology. For a lighter nature of the call, push a button that releases 0.8 gallons of water. The solid nature call will prompt you to push double buttons to release 1.6 gallons of water.

5.    Design

Manufacturers configured toilets for specific needs and use. You can check out from the following arrangements:

a)    Bowl Shape

Bowls have different shapes as follows:

  • Round front: The can fit well where space is limited since they use the least space.
  • Elongated: This type has a deeper seating area. You can apply it to most of the residential areas.
  • Compact elongated: They are known for offering excellent comfort while taking up less space. It has a shorter footprint.

b)    Seat Height

The standard seat height is around 17 inches away from the floor. The older people or those individuals with a disability can use chair-height seats. They measure about 19 inches above the floor level.

There are those with an adjustable height. You can set its height from 15 to 28 inches above the floor.

c)    Flush handle Locations

A variety of handle designs can appear on the top lid. Others have their handles on the right or left part of the tank. Others are touchless, including electronic sensors, to triggers a flush when you pass your hand over it.

Final Thoughts

Toilets play a significant role in preserving the overall hygiene of your house. This facility is a basic need in homes since a house is not complete without it. Therefore, choosing the right toilet will enable you to get a satisfactory service.

The essential tips shared in this article will help you discover an ideal choice. Armed with these facts, you will never miss your target. Move on, and you will not regret it after landing your favorite choice.


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