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Why you should Devote One Year of Your Life to Travel?

Are you not excited about starting another school year or a working year? Well, you might consider changing all this up by taking a gap year to travel. Whether you are eighteen, forty, or sixty, the time to leave all you are doing behind and take a trip around the world is now. It may set you back money-wise, make you lose your job, or be behind in school from your friends. But, traveling for a year is a decision you will never forget as it offers the following benefits that last a lifetime.

You will have time to discover yourself

One of the primary reasons as to why take a gap year is you get to know yourself. Taking time off from your life to take a trip allows you to discover more things about yourself than you knew. In your days, at school or work, things unfold very fast, giving you less time to think or breathe. However, CV writing service at ResumeThatWorks, the long plane flights or train rides bring with them challenges and thrilling situations you have to handle. Coming up with solutions to these challenges and teaching coping mechanisms, helps you to discover something new about yourself.

Travelling takes you to unfamiliar environments, cultures, and diverse people. Learning to survive and appreciate such situations are skills that even a classroom cannot teach. Also, you get to discover what you want to do with your life. For most students, taking time off seems like the easiest way to lag in school. However, the different places you tour, the activities you participate in, and the experiences give you a whole new insight. They help you determine if the career you have chosen is what you want to do for the rest of your life.

See a lot of new things

If you are wondering, should I take a gap year? Adventure ought to be the reason you say yes. All traveling, whether you want to interrail all through Europe, go kayaking, or volunteer in Africa, among others, is a chance to see new things. We learn and get to know about the world around us through books, from televisions, and the movies we watch. However, these tools do not compare to you having first-hand experience.

Three hundred sixty-five days is a long time for you to tour to different places, and wherever you go, you get to explore. Every site you visit becomes a chance to see or learn something new. For example, you get to see and experience new cultures such as rites of passage, food, and religious beliefs. When you engage in volunteer work, you learn of the struggles some communities have to endure. Also, you witness the successes they achieve, even with their limitations.

Meet new people

When you decide on taking a year off to travel, you will make numerous memories of landscapes and animals you see or the new food you tried. However, the people you meet, whether fellow travelers or locals at your various destinations, will be the highlight of your trip. Traveling during a gap year guarantees you of meeting new people who you would not get together within normal circumstances.

Fellow travelers become your companions during your one-year gap who share with you exciting memories. Also, you form strong bonds that continue even after going back home. You may have best friends at home who are essential in your life but, the friendships you create during your adventures become more rewarding and beneficial in the future.

For instance, friendships with local people can give you a great excuse to travel in the future to see them. Friendships with people from all over the world, such as Italy, Africa, and China, enrich your life. They help you appreciate different cultures and offer you a new insight about life and the world. Moreover, they can become networking contacts for your next job.

Clear your head from problems

In whatever stage of life, you may be experiencing problems that you wish would go away. As a high school senior, the stress of getting good grades to join college and write a compelling admission essay is high. As a last year student in college, you are having problems getting a job and coming up with ways to repay your massive student loans. While if you are working, the pressure to perform or being stuck in a job you hate is part of your life. With such problems, burnout is inevitable, and the only solution is to travel for a year.

Taking a year off helps you to take a step away from all these problems and gain perspective on your life. You get to relax and have time to think in-depth of you want in your life. Also, you determine whether what you are experiencing is what you want to go through. The escape from your problems also helps you to be re-energized and gain newfound confidence to face your challenges head-on.

You can learn new languages

Another reason as to how to travel for a year benefits you is through learning new languages. In today’s world, which is multicultural, being fluent in two or more languages is an asset. You may choose to learn a second or a third language, but traveling for 365 days is the ideal way of picking up another language. Learning a new language is easier when you surround yourself with people who speak it so, take advantage during your travel. So, consider being a keen listener and pick up on common phrases utilized. You can also volunteer to teach English wherever you visit, and in this way, you can pick up on the local language.

Essay writing service notes that learning a local language can be satisfying as it helps you blend in with the locals and gain their respect. Also, Prospects believe that a new language helps you enjoy your travel as you do not get lost. Moreover, when you get back home, they can help you find a job among companies that trade worldwide. For example, languages such as Spanish and Mandarin will give you a competitive advantage over other job seekers.


The phrase gap year has often been in use to describe the time off taken by students before joining a college or the workforce. However, whichever stage of your life you are in, it is encouraged that you take time off. You need to improve your personal growth, live life to the fullest and get to have new experiences. So, if you take a gap year, you will be sure of discovering yourself, seeing new things and learning a new language. Also, you will meet different people and clear your mind. So, say yes to a year of travel.

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