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How to Create a Peaceful Poolside Environment on Your Property

Years ago, you would only find swimming pools in hotels, guest houses, and homes of high-profiled homeowners. However, in recent years, most people have embraced the beauty of gracing their gardens with swimming pools.

This is because the swimming pool is a mode of exercise, relaxation, comfort, and hydrotherapy that is appreciated daily. Additionally, it contributes to the attractiveness of homes. Having a swimming pool in your compound gives a welcoming and friendly environment.

If you plan to create a poolside environment on your property, you should learn the tips on how to construct it properly for it to bring your desired look and beauty. A luxury pool chaise lounge is among the unique designs anyone would desire to have.

Therefore, to acquire your dream poolside, it is good to learn how to create it.

Tour a tropical theme

If you love nature, you can give your swimming a touch of a tropical theme by including the different shades of tropical hardwoods and other shades of green plants in tropical areas.

You may also make the poolside seats using tropical hardwood such as bamboo, use thatches to make shades and other green tropical plants like palm plants. If you love art, you may want to include art designs on the walls near the pool. The designs may incorporate exotic tropical flowers, beach scenes, palm trees and ocean scenes.

For the lighting of the poolside area, you may include earthly neutral colors that will make the attractiveness of the designs stand out.

Add walls

This idea advocates constructing your pool at the end of your garden and including one side of the pool into the wall. Or, you can alternatively extend the height of one side of the pool to work as part of the wall surrounding your garden. This style of creating a pool helps minimize the space and, simultaneously, makes your pool look bigger from a distance.

Add other structures on the tanning shelf

A tanning shelf is an extensive shallow pool filled with water that is normally at the entering point of a swimming pool, and at times it works as a stepping part into the pool.

While creating your swimming pool, you may consider making the tanning shelf spacious in order to include other items like an umbrella, a small table and lounge chairs. Apart from the tanning ledge being beautiful, the feeling of immersing your body parts in the pool while having a drink or reading a book under the umbrella shade is unbeatable once in a while.

Have a half deck

A pool deck is the area of your pool that works as a place to set up chairs and tables for some fun facilities and relaxation. You may decide to set the deck on one of the long sides of your pool or on both short sides instead of making it go around the entire pool.

The other long side can be near the wall with spaces in between where plants or trees can be planted. Plants on the poolside make it cooler during the day and enhance its aesthetics.


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