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A guide to making the right choice when buying your first home

There’s nothing quite like that moment you officially become the proud owner of your first home. It’s a milestone that signifies the start of an incredible journey in your life.

However, as one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, there’s a lot to consider before you buy your first home. Stick to this guide, and you’ll soon be moving into the perfect first place for your specific needs, and on a clear path to a happy future.

Work with the right real estate company

Take the time to look around and find a company with positive customer reviews that truly cares about finding you that very first home. As a professional and dedicated real estate broker Compass works alongside new home buyers to maneuver the real estate markets and find the right place for their future dreams to become a reality.

Keep on top of your budget

Most first-time home buyers have a strict budget that needs to be adhered to. Housing tax, insurance, and renovations can add up quickly, and that’s not even including your initial downpayment for the house. Make sure you’re not purchasing a place that offers no quality of life due to payments taking up your entire salary each month.

Look for longevity

No matter how small or cheap your starter house may be, as long as the foundations of the home are strong and dependable, there’s some good longevity there that won’t cost you a fortune in future repairs.

Consider the potential of each home

Look past how the place currently looks, and focus on how it could look if you were to purchase and redecorate it. Sometimes a house can feel cramped and cluttered due to the way it has been staged. Take note of the available space and how you could use it better.

Inspect the home thoroughly

Ignore the mild cosmetic chips and cracks of a house and focus on larger ones that may be an indicator of larger problems in the structure of the place. Check the number of power outlets in each room, and try every faucet in the place to test water pressure. Leave nothing to chance and make use of every last minute of your viewing.

Be aware of potential red flags

Be sure to ask about how long the current owners have lived there, and how long the place has been on the market. If it’s been listed forever, or the owners are looking to move after just a few short months, there may be an issue with the place you’re not seeing.

Be careful with your location

Is your potential home located somewhere that suits your ideal lifestyle? Is it close enough to daily essentials? Have you practiced your daily work commute during peak hours to gauge just how busy it may be? If you can find the ultimate combination of community spirit, commutability, and convenience, then you may have just found your perfect first home!


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