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Creating The Perfect Summer Garden For Your Home


When trying to increase the value of your home with a view to selling or even for your own investment – the garden is an important amenity. Looking after your garden and creating a beautiful piece of outdoor land is important for not only yourself but any potential buyers and today we want to discuss how you can spruce up your garden and make it into a stunning haven this summer.

Here are some of the jobs you can do and features you can add to help maintain and elevate your outdoor design this summer.

Add a pathway to the yard

If you have a fairly large back garden on your property, one thing you can do is break it up and add different sections to build the illusion of grandeur. One simple way to do this is to pave a pathway from your patio to the back of the garden, and have a seating area at the back where people can come when you host gatherings. When building a pathway you can also make it curvy and organic to add to that natural feel of your back garden. A feature like this will make your whole garden look amazing and it will truly make a difference.

Keep hedges tidy

If you have hedges at the back or the front of your property it is a good idea for you to keep them trimmed throughout the spring and summer months to maintain a stunning border for your garden. It is so important to keep your hedges tidy because once random shoots and buds start to grow it can look unsightly and can quickly become wild and out of control.

Hang baskets at the side of your front door

It is a great idea for you to think about the herb appeal of your home and how real estate marketing would take advantage of this during the sale of your property. One amazing way to make your home look welcoming and homely is to hang a basket of flowers on each side of the front door that brings color and texture to your house. Hanging baskets can take many forms from pansies and marigolds and even small flowers like lobelia.

Plant a large hardy shrub

If you want to refresh and spruce up your back garden but you prefer a low maintenance garden – a perfect choice is to plant a large shrub such as hydrangea or rhododendron. A large hardy shrub is a very simple way to bring colour and life to your garden and it will be hardy over the winter allowing you to enjoy it year after year. It is a great idea to bring large features like this to a garden because they attract wildlife and they also bring an area of interest to your outdoor space.

Refresh your lawn

When trying to create the perfect outdoor space for your house one of the biggest features to think about is your lawn. Your lawn over time can begin to look brown and dry, and this can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your garden. It is important for you to refresh your lawn now and again with a product like Evergreen which will bring your lawn back to life and make it look stunning all summer long.

Use a strimmer to shape your trees

As well as trimming your hedges often during the summer, it is a good idea to use a strimmer to also shape and prune any trees you have in your back garden. If you have some trees growing in your back garden it won’t take long for them to grow to a point where they become overgrown and wild. At this point, you should take a strimmer and run it around the tree shaping the branches and creating a cleaner look. The difference this will make to your garden will be immense and the overall health of your trees will improve.

Create a vertical flower display

If you want to create a fun outdoor display in your garden this summer – one way to do this is to take some terracotta ceramic plant pots and glue, as well as some paint. First of all, choose a color to paint your pits and paint them to make them stand out. You could paint every pot the same color or try painting them alternating colors for a bit of fun. Take a pot and lay it down on the floor. Hold another pot up and hold it in your hand at an angle, put this over the first pot until it is touching the rim of the pot. Glue in place. When you do this you should have a small gap in both pots where soil and flowers can go. Repeat with another pot on top of the second one turned the other way. Repeat a few more times. You should end up with a tower of pots that have open gaps on each side. Take some soil and bedding plants and fill these up creating a stunning feature for your back garden.

Invest in a herb garden

A herb garden can come in many forms – whether you decide to plant your herbs straight in the ground or buy a wooden pallet trough to display them in. Herbs can be a great addition to your back garden and the smells and flowers will brighten up the space during the summer months. Make sure to provide plenty of drainage for your herb garden as otherwise it can become waterlogged and herbs such as basil or thyme cannot handle this.

Consider starting a vegetable patch

Looking for a feature that is sure to impress when you sell your home? Try a vegetable patch. Pick a sunny spot in your garden and dig out a square section before adding a wooden border to separate it from the rest of the garden. You can also add some copper wire to the border here and this should prevent slugs from eating your crops. You can plant anything in this patch from potatoes to carrots and even different types of lettuce. A vegetable patch is a great feature for the garden and will also give you a fun hobby to enjoy in the summer.

Plant bedding plants in color order

If you want to create a stunning display in your garden this summer, consider buying a load of bedding plants and arrange these in your flowerbed in color order. You could choose to only plant one color such as a vivid red, or create a rainbow design with different flowers that will wow guests as well as any prospective buyers if you are looking to sell this year.

Build a pond

One winning feature of many gardens has to be a garden pond.  A pond creates a focal point for your outdoor space and often it is the perfect feature to bring to your garden if it looks dull and drab. To build a pond you simply need to dig a hole, add a liner, and fill it with water. If you plan to keep fish you’ll need a water filter, and you may want to add some pond plants such as lilies and grasses that thrive in this environment. You can even consider adding a water feature such as a waterfall to your pond built from paving stones which will add height to your outdoor design as well as interest.

Use some of these ideas to create the perfect garden for your home this year, and attract potential buyers to your home.


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