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A portable angle grinder is both an adaptable and handy power tool that performs different functions.

You can cut brick walls with an angle grinder, fabricate metal plates, polish, grind, and deburr planes for instance.

The best 6-inch angle grinders are specifically designed to perform lightweight tasks. Handling this handy tool, however, requires skill and precision.

Most DIY enthusiasts ask for guides and step-by-step procedures on how to cut brick wall with 6” angle grinder. Fortunately, there is the procedure of cutting bricks with an angle grinder.

How to Cut Brick Wall With 6” Angle Grinder:

Mostly, 6-inch grinders are not heavy-duty tools to handle. However, you need the correct guide before using any 6-inch angle grinder.

Follow the steps below.

Step-by-Step Procedures

To cut brick wall with angle grinder, there are usually 5 steps involved.

Step 1: Gather the necessary safety gear

You should wear safety gear because angle grinders are known to kick back, explode, and accidentally cut utility fittings.

So, the first step is to assemble the necessary safety gear before you begin to cut bricks with an angle grinder.


  • Wide vision safety goggles (or a sturdy face mask)
  • Tough safety gloves
  • Protective boots
  • Masonry disc
  • Earplugs
  • Dust mask


  • Vacuum hoover
  • Chalk marker

Step 2: Prepare the brick wall

In this step, you should clean the wall and make the necessary marking.

If you intend to cut straight lines, use a guide and a level finder to make perfect markings or better still, to get accurate readings.

For contour and other asymmetric shapes on the wall, use a stencil to draw guiding lines.

Step 3: Fix the mason disc on the grinder

Next, you should fix the diamond/masonry disc on the angle grinder correctly.

6 Step-by-Step procedure

  • First, ensure that the grinder is not plugged in the power source
  • Press the lock nut to stop the spindle cartridge from rotating
  • Using a spanner wrench, loosen the flange by rotating it counterclockwise to thread it off
  • Insert the cutting disc. (But first, check which side goes in first).
  • Hand thread the flange and hold the lock nut using any non predominant finger.
  • Tightly screw the flange with the spanner wrench and release the lock nut.

Step 4: Holding the grinder

An angle grinder can be held in different arm positions. However, there are other dangerous holding positions that you should be aware of.

First and foremost, the blade guard should face your body. Next, the dominant arm should hold the grinder’s body& switch, while the non-dominant armshould firmly hold the grinder’s handle and support the weight.

When you are not cutting the brick wall, release the switch and place the grinder on a stable surface facing up.

Adjust the grinder to full speed before you place the disc against the wall to begin cutting.

Note that you can change the guard’s position depending on how you intend to use the tool. The safety guard can shift from a right-handed position to a left-handed position.

Positioning the grinder

You should position the grinder correctly to avoid injuries

So, when cutting a brick wall, position the grinder at a 90◦ angle.

Step 5: Begin cutting the brick wall

With everything now set in place, you can then begin to cut brick wall with angle grinder. Use a vacuum cleaner or any similar appliance to suck debris or any foreign material as you continue cutting the brick wall.

– Removing a single brick from the wall

In some cases, you might want to remove a brick from the wall to create a window or an inspection allowance.

Thus, what is the procedure required to cut and remove a brick from a wall?

  • Step 1: Make the necessary markings with a chalk or marker
  • Step 2: Put on protective gear
  • Step 3: Firmly hold the grinder with both arms
  • Step 4: Begin by creating vertical cuts along the marked lines
  • Step 5: Make horizontal cuts
  • Step 6: Remove the brick from the wall

DO’s and DON’T’S (from the experts)

When cutting a brick wall, there are a few things you should and should not do.

– DO’s
  • Always wear the protective gear before you begin
  • Always draw guide marks on the wall.
  • Always check that the lock nut is tight enough
  • Always disconnect the power cable when you are not using the grinder

– DONT’s

  • NEVER use a grinding disc in place of a cutting Disc.
  • Never use alternative discs (ceramic and metal cutting disc) instead of a Masonry/diamond cutting disc.
  • DO NOT place the grinder on the floor if the disc is still rotating

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can you cut brick with an angle grinder?

A: Yes. An angle grinder can perform several different functions including cutting a brick wall. To achieve this, however, you should install the appropriate disc. A diamond/mason disc is so far the only recommended blade to use.

Q2: What is the easiest way to cut brick?

A: The easiest way to cut brick is by using any high-speed spinning disc tool. In most cases, and angle grinder, circular saw, or a rotary tool fitted with a diamond blade can cut brick. However, you should consider a grinder that matches the size of the brick.

These specific tools deliver cleaner, straight, and precise cuts.

Q3: What size angle grinder to cut brick?

A:An angle grinder disc can serve different functions, depending on the size. The 4-inch and a 6-inch grinder, for instance, can cut small size bricks. The 9-inch angle grinder cuts larger brick sizes.


Using the correct cutting disc will make any DIY project safer and easy. Note that for wider brick walls, you should either use the 9-inch angle grinder or even a diamond teeth chainsaw. Moreover, always remember the safety protocols before turning on your machine.

If you are a homeowner or a mason, you should understand how to cut brick wall wit 6″ angle grinder. Fortunately, we have covered every important detail in this guide.


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