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Mold Remediation in 5 Easy Steps

Molds can be worrying to many homeowners, especially if they begin to appear inside their homes or commercial establishments. They can damage your house, and they are often the culprits behind skin allergies and asthma attacks. Black molds are especially harmful to the home occupants, and they should be removed in the fastest time possible.

If you don’t remove the mildew or mold in your house, they can cause health issues like allergies and respiratory illnesses for the other more sensitive occupants. The spores may also grow in damp areas like furniture and can cause damage to your cabinets and chairs. Your property’s value can also plummet if you decide to sell in the future.

When you think that you have a mold issue inside your home, you first need to find a company to do tests. The inspectors will determine what kind of mold is growing in your home and get the right tools to remove them. If they have identified black molds proliferating in the rooms, you need to pick the right company to get rid of them as soon as possible. The experts have the right experience, tools, and gear to eliminate the fungi, so you won’t have to do everything yourself.

Know that the removal process is not a DIY activity. You need professionals who specialize in the remediation of mildew and who will do the following:

  1. Identify Areas that Have Lots of Moisture

The experts know that the growth of the spores is not just in the rooms that you can see. There may also be invisible growth behind the walls, in corners, and inside crawl spaces that you may not be aware of. If you’re not aware of a leaky pipe inside your basement, you might not also check the area to see if it’s full of mildew. The fungi are invisible intruders with devious behaviors. They grow where you can’t see them most of the time so that they can reproduce faster.

The growth of the spores is often because of moisture. To address the problem for the long term, you need to identify where the moisture is coming from. It can be from a broken water heater, a leaky pipe, or flooding in your area. You also need to address the root cause of the problem to ensure that this will not happen again in the future. Learn more about how molds can be a problem inside the house when you click here.

  1. Documentation and Remediation Plan

The experts have experience in documentation and restorations, so you can rely on them to salvage most of your belongings. They will document the things that they can still save and take plenty of photos and videos. Their written observations will also be helping you when you decide to make an insurance claim to cover your restoration expenses.

The entire team will use the photos and videos to formulate a plan, and they will start within 24 hours. They will work immediately inside your house to prevent mildew growth, and they will dry the area using a larger dehumidifier to speed up the process. They will also determine the number of people needed to perform the remediation, if tests are required to be done, and if the occupants need temporary relocation while they work on the rooms.

  1. Calculate the Range of the Contamination

With the help of a thorough inspection, the extent of the contamination can be known in no time. The experts can do various assessments on all floors to check for water damage or weakened foundation. When you have a concrete idea of the extent of the damage, you will determine the best approach to clean-up and mold removal. By getting the experts’ help, you can avoid getting exposed to black mold or contaminated sewage water, especially after a flood.

  1. Experts do the Remediation Process

The process involves removing existing black mold, drying out the area, cleaning the surfaces, and help homeowners to avoid any mold exposure. More information about black molds can be found in this link: They can prevent new growth through the use of specialized solutions and addressing the source of moisture. They will work mainly on the contaminated areas and take care of the dirt in your home. Other things that they would do include the following:

  • Repairing the water issue. This will prevent the spores from growing.
  • Do isolation on the contaminated area. The pros will close the windows and doors while cleaning to prevent the spread of mold in other rooms.
  • Suppress dust and dirt inside the house
  • Remove wet carpets, furniture, and more. They will thoroughly inspect and porous materials full of mold and get rid of them if needed.
  • All the things that are not safe to the homeowners are placed inside a plastic bag with a seal.
  • Visibility tests are performed to make sure that the surfaces are free from mildew
  • The cleaned materials are left to dry so no moisture will remain. The drying process is often faster because of dehumidifiers, fans, or raising the temperature indoors.
  • All the materials inside the affected area will either be repaired or replaced.
  1. Doing Assessment for the Clean-up Process

Just because mold is no longer visible means that it’s gone for good. The experts will ensure that no dust or dirt remains and make sure that the service is a success overall. A different team member may do an inspection and document the results.

The visit can be done weeks after the clean-up to ensure that the remediation is complete and the issue with the moisture has been taken care of. If they don’t see any signs of recurring water damage, they will consider the work a success. They will look for visible mildew on surfaces, musty odors, or a weird smell and check various materials in the home.

Inspections and clean-ups are relatively affordable, and they can save most of your valuables that got soaked in the flood. This is an investment in your family’s health, and the price may vary depending on the contamination’s location and size. Reach out to the right company today and get free consultations to know more.


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