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How To Cut Construction Costs Without Jeopardizing Quality

Cost and quality are two of the biggest factors that can impact construction. Budget is the ultimate limiting factor in property construction. But with poor quality, you’ll be liable to further expenses and even legal risks later down the line. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to cut construction costs with modern technology, without impacting standards. Here’s how to cut construction costs without jeopardizing quality.

Steel Vs Wood Floor Structures

Formed steel decks and composite decks are viable ways to reduce the cost of a wooden floor structure. Working with steel allows you to reduce costs while maximizing sustainability, durability, and resistance. A steel bar joist is a stronger alternative to a wooden joist but is also lighter and easier to install in properties. Steel solutions are a great idea for properties that are hard to access or where weight is an issue. Steel is a great solution for porches, garages, or storage options where wood would be too expensive.

Implement A Master Plan Which Is Visible To All Contractors

A master plan is a project overview that outlines:

  • the project contracts
  • subcontractors
  • the budget
  • the timelines
  • the quality assessment
  • resource management
  • health and safety
  • project scope.

A dedicated project manager should look after the master plan, and update it if anything changes. All contractors should be able to access the parts of the contract that apply to them and have a clear idea of what they are responsible for in the project.

Invest Wisely In Tools & Tech

If you work with second-hand tools, will replacing them be cheaper than buying a new item? Carefully consider every new investment and determine whether secondhand vs. new items will be more effective. Investing in tech will also be beneficial, particularly if it is a tool that will save you time. Tools like construction project management platforms will ultimately help you save time and better plan your resources.

Minimize Waste

How many resources are wasted during your project timelines? Are too many resources ordered? Are there repeat errors or other concerns that waste physical materials? There are a number of ways to minimize waste that will also save you money. Construction project management platforms can help you with this, as you’re able to establish exactly when in the project pipeline you’ll need certain items. This is much better than ordering too much of everything at the start of the project.

Review Your Suppliers

Are you spending too much money on your subcontractors or suppliers? Take a risk and shop around for alternatives. Check reviews as you go to make sure you’re not skimping costs at the risk of quality. If you can save money on vendors this is a great way to cut costs, but you need to be sure you’re working with a reputable supplier. And when it comes to some costs for concrete, FraserCon can help you estimate and quality cement for both commercial and residential. You might be working with newer suppliers that have more to prove, but you’ll get reduced costs in exchange for their business.


Consider steel structures for extending properties as a means to reduce costs over wood alternatives. You could also look at project plans which outline ways to minimize waste and make the project budget, scope, and timelines clear to everyone. Invest in the right tools if you need them, but minimize resource waste wherever you can.


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