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“Deck”spress Yourself: Makeover Your Boring Deck with These Creative Deck Design Ideas

Here in Florida, there’s no place most people would rather be than outside. Whether you want to bake in the sun or play with your dog, decks provide the perfect setting.

Why not make this prime hanging out spot even more special?

There are so many awesome ways to take your deck to the next level. Some require a contractor, others you can do yourself on a Saturday afternoon. Make sure it’s customized to your family’s needs and wants.

Not sure where to get started with your deck reno? Keep reading for the best deck design ideas to transform your outdoor space.

1. Size and Shape

Unhappy with your current deck? You don’t have to keep the deck your house was sold to you with. Tear it down and build a new one if you want!

Consider making a layout plan for your backyard. Use exact measurements. This will allow you to see how big you can make it.

You may also want to change the shape of your deck. Some yards suit a rectangular deck, others a square. Some are even curved with rounded walls.

If you don’t want to tear down the current deck, consider expanding it. You could create a lower level that’s a step down from your current deck. Or, it could be a step up to a higher level.

To buy the new wood panels and fasteners for your deck, this website has lots of options. Do your research on which materials are most durable.

Some deck designs have two patios separated by a path. This gives you two areas for activities. One could have lounge chairs, the other a dining set.

2. Get Shady

While the sun feels amazing on the skin, there’s nothing like cooling off in the shade. Every deck needs some shade for the comfort of you and your guests.

There are many options for creating shade. If your yard is lacking greenery, consider planting a tree. Florida Maple trees are some of the best shade trees because they’re durable and full of leaves.

Another option is to build a shade structure on your deck. Pergolas are great because they create partial shade without fully blocking the sun. If you have plants that need indirect light, they’ll do well under a pergola.

You could also invest in a deck awning or patio umbrellas. Awnings are nice because many of them can be closed when you don’t need them. Patio umbrellas are often mobile so they can move to wherever you need them.

3. Lounging Around

If the seating on your deck isn’t comfortable, what’s the point? You need seating that makes people feel welcome and at home.

Depending on the size, you could incorporate a variety of seating options. Loungers are popular for patios. They’re great for reading a book, sunbathing, and watching the stars.

Ensure your outdoor furniture is weather-proof with products that make sense as defined here The cushions should be water-proof in case it rains. You may want to consider rust-proofing any metal furniture pieces.

For a funky design, consider installing an egg-swing from the pergola beams. Swings add a childlike feature to your patio, even during an adult dinner party. You could also string a hammock between pillars for prime relaxation.

4. Culinary Oasis

Why do hamburgers taste better outside? There’s just something about a hot grill, the summer breeze, and your friends and family nearby.

For your new deck design, consider incorporating a culinary oasis for the cook of your house.

You could start by designating an area for the barbecue. Counter space is also helpful for plating food and laying out condiments. If you’re going to build a counter, place some bar stools under it for extra seating.

Another amazing way of cooking outdoors is over the fire. In most cities, it’s legal to have a fire pit in your backyard. Make sure it’s far enough away from the house and trees.

5. Fun for the Kids

Young families will love these kid-friendly ideas. If you asked your child what would make your deck perfect, what would they say?

They might suggest a built-in slide that takes them down to the lawn. If you have a backyard pool, you could have a slide that goes from the deck to the water.

Another feature kids will appreciate in a deck is child-sized furniture. Like smaller lawn chairs to go beside the fire. Or, their own mini patio table with an umbrella.

6. DIY Improvements

Many of the ideas above can be costly if you’re on a budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the deck of your dreams. Small home improvements are often affordable.

One easy update is changing the color of your deck wood. Choose a new wood stain at the hardware store. Make sure you clean the wood before staining it.

Adding plants is another easy way to transform your deck. If was empty and barren before, plants can make it feel like your own personal jungle. Consider also planting vegetables and herbs for cooking.

Second-hand stores can be jackpots for outdoor furniture. If you go in the spring or early summer, you’ll find pieces that other homeowners aren’t using anymore. Often, there’s nothing wrong with the pieces and they’re still in style.

Sometimes, a simple cleaning of your deck and backyard can make all the difference. Consider renting a power washer to deep clean the wood. You can also hire a landscaping service to do this for you.

Want More Deck Design Ideas?

The world is your oyster when it comes to designing your dream deck. This is a space for you and your family to spend lots of time in. It deserves to be comfortable, fun, and safe.

Mix and match the deck design ideas above to create a paradise in your own backyard.

Is your current backyard space unsuitable for your dream deck? There are tons of amazing properties out there that will meet your deck dreams. Check out these homes for sale with Sky Five Properties.


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