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7 Major Signs It’s Time to Consider Fence Replacement

Putting up a new fence around a residential or commercial property will require a sizeable investment on your part. On average, Americans spend approximately $2,750 on fence replacement, though that number can swell dramatically depending on the size of the fence and the fencing materials that are used.

There are, however, many instances in which you simply cannot ignore the need for fence replacement. If you put it off for too long, it can compromise everything from the security of your home or business to the privacy of your property.

Here are 7 major signs that’ll let you know it’s time to do fence replacement.

1. Your Fence Is an Eyesore

When people drive by your home or business, is the ugly fence that surrounds your property the first thing they see? This is obviously a big problem, as it means your fence could be impacting your curb appeal.

If you have a wooden fence, you can consider painting or staining it to bring it back to life. You might be surprised by how much different your fence looks when you provide it with a little TLC.

But more often than not, fences that have turned into eyesores will need to be replaced rather than painted or stained. Otherwise, you could run the risk of your fence dragging your curb appeal down for years to come.

2. It’s Missing More Than a Few Pieces

If your fence has one or two pieces that have fallen off over the years for one reason or another, it’s easy enough to replace them. You can buy new fence pieces and put them into place without paying much money at all to do it.

But if your fence is missing tons of pieces, that’s a much different story. It could cost you almost as much to go around and replace those pieces as it would to simply put a new fence into place!

You should get into the habit of keeping a close eye on your fence and doing what you can to prevent pieces from falling off in the first place. But even if you’re diligent about caring for your fence, there will likely come a time when it’ll be too hard to keep up with all the pieces that fall off of it.

At that point, fence replacement will be your only viable option.

3. It’s on the Verge of Falling Over

Maybe a portion of your fence started to blow over during a recent storm. Or maybe you’ve had something leaning up against your fence for so long now that the fence itself is starting to lean, too.

Whatever the case, you should not stand by and allow a fence to fall over without taking action. At the very least, you should have a fence that’s on the verge of falling over shored up so that it doesn’t fall unexpectedly.

But that’s a quick fix for a larger problem that needs to be addressed. If your fence looks like it could fall over at any second, you should think about replacing it as fast as you can.

4. It Was Damaged During an Accident

If you live or work on a busy street, there’s a chance that your fence could be damaged during an automobile accident. Someone could drive right through your fence and do damage to a large portion of it.

The good news in this kind of scenario is that your home or business insurance company could very well cover fence replacement. This will allow you to put a new fence up without digging into your own pockets to do it.

But even if your insurance company doesn’t offer to pay for you to replace your fence, you should still do it in the aftermath of an accident. Repairing a fence in this instance is usually out of the question since an accident can lead to questions about the overall integrity of a fence.

5. It’s Starting to Splinter

Those with wooden fences will often find that their fencing boards will begin to splinter over time. This could make your fence very dangerous both for you and for anyone who might come into contact with your fence on a regular basis.

A few splinters here and there can be sanded down without a problem. But if you have dozens or even hundreds of splinters popping up out of your fence, you’ll need to do fence replacement sooner than later.

You should think about replacing your wooden fence with a vinyl one, too, since vinyl fences don’t force home and business owners to worry about splinters. Learn more information about why a vinyl fence might be your best option before investing in one.

6. It’s Affecting Your Privacy

One of the many reasons why people put up fences around their homes and businesses is to keep their privacy intact. But your privacy could be affected if your fence is ever damaged or if it ever starts to lean over and allow people to get a better view of your property.

If you don’t feel comfortable walking around on your property anymore because of privacy issues, fence replacement can solve this problem. A new fence, especially one made out of the aforementioned vinyl, will make your privacy concerns a thing of the past.

7. It Needs to Be Repaired All the Time

A one-time fence repair isn’t a huge deal. Even though fence repairs cost about $500 on average, that’s a lot less than a new fence will cost.

But if you find that you’re fixing your fence every six months to a year, you’re going to end up paying what you would pay for a new fence before long. Stop repairing your fence constantly and put up a new fence that won’t require as much maintenance.

Schedule Fence Replacement Today

The fence around your home or business is arguably one of the most important parts of it. It protects your property and also prevents the prying eyes of your neighbors from seeing into your home or business.

If your old fence just isn’t cutting it anymore, have fence replacement done today. It’ll make your property safer and more private, and in some cases, it can even increase the value of your home or business as a whole.

Read our blog to see some of the other projects you can do to increase your property value.


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