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Demolish And Rebuild Or Renovate? What’s The Best Option?

When many people start to feel that their home is getting a little tired and they want to make it nicer, renovation is usually the choice. That isn’t the only option, however. There is also the possibility of demolishing the home and then rebuilding a new one in its place.

Demolition sounds a bit extreme, but it isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. For instance, if you are in Australia there is a demolition company Perth that handles the entire thing so you don’t have to worry about things like removing the debris. This isn’t to say that it’s an easy decision to make.

It takes some information to know what you’d be getting into no matter what choice you make. In this article, we will go over some of the things to keep in mind so you know which avenue is right for you.

What needs to be updated?

Just about every house that is more than twenty years old or so needs some work. It’s how much work that it needs that determines how to remedy the situation. A new roof and some siding are not enough of a reason to demolish a home and rebuild.

Even if the house is too small, an addition is less of a dramatic job than demolishing and rebuilding would be. In fact, it happens all the time. Knocking some walls down to create more space inside the house is a quick fix and not all that expensive.

When the conditions of the house are such that renovations would be too complicated, costly, and time-consuming is when a decision has to be made about tearing it down and starting from scratch.

How long will you live there?

If you haven’t been in the house long and plan to live there for at least 15 more years, then demolition and rebuild make sense. Since there will be renovations down the line no matter what, you will have a new house that is exactly how you like it to live in before you sell it later. It is much easier to sell a 15 year old house than it is a 50 year old one.

It will be expensive to demolish and rebuild, but doing major renovations every few years that may also include an addition is also very expensive. Some renovations will increase the value of the house if you plan to sell it soo. If this is the case then it is better to either renovate and sell or sell it as is.

What are the zoning laws?

The city ordinances will play a part in if you rebuild or not. There are many zoning laws about the size of the house. In many areas, this means that a rebuild has to follow the original footprint of the old house. That doesn’t give much chance of expanding the house unless it goes up in height. This also has some zoning issues as to how high a house can be. You may have no other option than to renovate.


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