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Essential Improvements/Repairs To Avoid Rainwater Damage

According to a report by HomeAdvisor, the average water damage costs between $1,200 and $5,200. However, a water leak in your plumbing is not the same as rainwater damage. Faced with rainwater damage, homeowners need to classify the extent of the destruction from class 1 to class 4. Rainwater damage typically ranges between class 2, which affects an entire room, and class 4, which impacts the house structure. The higher the damage class, the higher the repair costs.

Homeowners understand the importance of waterproofing the property to prevent home-threatening damage from rainwater.

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Bye-bye leaky roof

A leaky roof will have serious consequences on the home structure and safety. The roof acts as the first line of defense against bad weather conditions; that’s why maintenance is crucial. A roof that lets the water through can dampen the inner structure, affecting stability and solidity. Additionally, left unattended, the leak can encourage mold formation in the affected under-roof area. Mold spores travel fast, causing respiratory discomfort in the home, even if you can’t see it. Finally, a wet under-roof area makes it hard to maintain the indoor temperature in winter, increasing energy costs. \

No more stagnant puddles

When the rainwater finds no evacuation path, it accumulates in puddles. Puddles on the driveway can affect the material in the long term as the water seeps through. Gradually, it can even lead to cracks, requiring professional driveway repair. Typically, two factors prevent rainwater from evacuating safely:

  • The inclination of the driveways vs. the landscape,
  • The absence of water evacuation paths, such as strategically placed gutters.

Additionally, puddles on the driveway can also find their way inside the property, flooding the garage or underground basement.

Sort out the soggy yard

Soggy and muddy gardens are not just an eyesore. They also put the property at risk. As the water stagnates without seeping through the soil, it can travel back into the home. Therefore mastering the delicate art of yard drainage is a staple of home maintenance. Soil quality can affect water absorption. If you can’t use rainwater with a rain garden or a tank, you need to divert the water flow. Landscaping and drain solutions are a favorite to improve the yard slope, naturally moving water away from the home. Landscaping services can also improve soil quality, removing underground obstacles for better water absorption.

Ban the flooded basement

Rainwater and basement flooding often go hand-in-hand. Indeed, faulty foundations and insulation are responsible for the majority of basement flooding incidents. According to home insurance, basement flooding claims can cost as much as $10,000. Homeowners can waterproof their basements through smart investments:

  • sump pump system for vulnerable basements
  • Strategic water evacuation paths outside the home
  • Foundation and insulation repairs
  • Yard slope management

When homeowners keep the basement empty and unused, water damage often gets unnoticed. This can lead to stagnant water seeping through the house structure. Additionally, the increase in moisture level can also affect the indoor temperature, making the house hard to heat. Finally, moisture contributes to mold spread inside the home.

As the rainy season is creeping upon us, it’s time for homeowners to check their homes. Waterproofing the property can preserve the health of your family and your real estate investment. More importantly, delaying waterproofing improvements is a false economy that’ll drive costs in the short and long terms.


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