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A Floridian’s Guide to Living in Myrtle Beach

Thinking about packing up and leaving Florida?

Although just over 30,000 people live in Myrtle Beach full-time, there’s a reason the city attracts 14 million visitors a year. Living in Myrtle Beach gives you access to all the things that pull so many tourists in year round.

Wondering what it’s like for a Floridian to move to Myrtle Beach? Then this guide is for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about making the transition!

Reasons to Move to Myrtle Beach

First, why move to Myrtle Beach? Let’s check out some of the top reasons Floridians may choose to make this seaside city their home.

Better Prices

Myrtle Beach is far more affordable than many beachside towns in Florida. For many Floridians, the cost of living in Myrtle Beach, SC is a major draw of the city. It’s far easier to buy a home (or rent one) here than in much of Florida.

Of course, Myrtle Beach still offers everything that Florida can offer, from beautiful beaches to fine dining. But with the lower cost of living, you’ll have more money to spend enjoying your time instead of paying for necessities.

Less Crowded

Tired of the crowds moving to popular parts of Florida? Then you might also find Myrtle Beach a perfect fit.

Although large swathes of tourists make their way through the city each year, the low numbers of full-time residents help even things out.

Slower Pace of Life

Myrtle Beach offers a nice balance between things to do and a slower-paced life.

If you’re tired of battling traffic or watching neighborhoods boom with construction, you might like to slow things down a little. You won’t sacrifice having activities to enjoy, but you might feel the stresses of day-to-day life start to disappear.

Incredible Beaches

Think you know beaches? Myrtle Beach might still surprise you.

Myrtle Beach forms a key part of a 60-mile stretch of South Carolina beaches known as the Grand Stand. Even if you travel outside of the city, you’ll still find plenty of beach access (including some with less tourist activity).

Lots of Golfing

Golf enthusiasts will be glad to know they have plenty of options while living in Myrtle Beach. In fact, some tourists head there specifically for golfing opportunities. As a resident, you’ll get to enjoy those clubs and courses all year round.

New Job Opportunities

Thanks to the healthy annual tourism, Myrtle Beach has a thriving economy that offers plenty of jobs. If you work in hospitality or tourism, you’ll find it especially easy to find a job you love.

The city’s also very welcoming to businesses. It offers plenty of incentives to start a business, plus low-income taxes, making it the ideal environment for anyone who’s ever wanted to start a small business of their own.

Year-Round Activities

The presence of so many tourists also benefits full-time residents. Restaurants, shops, outdoor activities, and more abound, so people can take advantage of them on their vacation time. For a Floridian moving to Myrtle Beach, it can feel like being on vacation all year round.

What to Know Before You Go

Of course, every new town as both its positives and negatives. Make sure you’re aware of these things before you check it out!

You’ll Need a Car

If you love taking public transit everywhere, living in Myrtle Beach probably isn’t right for you.

The city doesn’t have a thorough public transit system, and it’s also not yet very bike-friendly. There is a public bus, as well as taxis available. However, many people find it difficult to get around without a car of their own.

There’s also lots of traffic during the summer months when tourists flock to the city. Although the traffic isn’t as bad as lots of major metropolitan areas, you should still prepare yourself for some traffic jams.

There’s Heavy Tourist Traffic

If you don’t like crowds, you won’t love hanging out in Myrtle Beach during the summer months. You’ll find that your favorite restaurants are packed and the tourists usually take the best beach spots.

For many Floridians, the presence of tourists during part of the year is nothing new. Still, Myrtle Beach has an even higher tourist population than much of Florida.

The Culture Has Limitations

Myrtle Beach offers plenty to do. However, if you’re looking for lots of cultural enclaves or unique atmospheres, this city won’t deliver what you want.

For example, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, but many of them are chains. Although Myrtle Beach offers quality activities, the city does lack the variety of arts and culture that other cities often have.

Things to Do While Living in Myrtle Beach

After moving, how will you occupy your time? The following is a more detailed description of things to do in Myrtle Beach SC.

Lucky for you there is lots do in this haven for outdoor adventure.

Enjoy the use of services like so that you can easily travel around the city.

You might try visiting some of the city’s famed historical attractions. Check out the classic Peaches Corner restaurant, or visit Brookgreen Gardens for acres of natural beauty punctuated by statues.

If you love outdoor activities, try one of Myrtle Beaches state parks: Huntington Beach State Park or Myrtle Beach State Park. In addition to lounging on the beach, you can bike or hike through these parks to see even more.

Is shopping more your style? Head to the Market Common for a unique shopping experience where you can buy gifts, clothes, and much more.

And don’t forget the nightlife and live music as the night wears on. The historic Bowery offers live music with a southern twist, while the Garden City Pier has everything from karaoke to activities for kids.

When you’re ready to recover after a night out, don’t miss the local favorite breakfast spots, like Johnny D’s or Tupelo Honey Cafe.

Will You Try Living in Myrtle Beach?

For many Floridians, living in Myrtle Beach offers the perfect transition. You get to keep the things you love most about Florida (warm weather and beaches), while also getting away from the sprawl and high prices.

Ready to make your move? Make sure you get the best place to live by reading this guide to buying your next home!


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