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Four Ideas to Modernize Your Backyard

The sun has finally arrived, and many of us are slightly annoyed that we didn’t take some of the extra time we found ourselves with in 2020 to update our backyards. However, starting a full redesign project now isn’t the best idea since you want to be enjoying your outdoor space, not turning it into a builder’s yard. If you want to modernize your backyard without having to dedicate weeks of your time, you might want to try out these neat little additions:

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Quick and Easy Deck Installation

If you keep window shopping for outdoor furniture and yearn for a place to put it to relax in the sun, consider investing in the latest trend in garden DIY. Rather than having to spend hours measuring, cutting, and installing a new deck, interlocking deck tiles are a great alternative. These can be found in many different styles and colors, including acacia wood which is naturally resistant to UV rays, moisture, and insects, which means it’ll also be long lasting. There is no need for tools with these; simply clip them together and you’ve got a brand-new deck in an instant.

Add a Cactus Garden

Not all of us are blessed with a green thumb, and if this describes you, you’ve probably got more weeds than you have plants. Although it sounds like an arduous job pulling up all the weeds, you’ll be giving yourself a blank slate to start with once you’re done. Instead of replacing them with needy plants that need constant water and attention, consider installing a cactus garden. These can easily be planted in your lawn’s edging or a rocky area of the yard. Surround them with gravel and leave them to their own devices. Now you have a modern-looking yard with little maintenance required.

Install a Sophisticated Drywall

Instead of generic wooden edging that also requires some level of maintenance, you can modernize your outdoor space with a retaining wall made of natural stone to combine style and function. These are particularly useful if you have a sloping garden and want to utilize the space better. You can create separate zones for water features, plants, and even a vegetable patch. By using solid stone that is sawn cut to give it a clean look, you can bring your backyard into the 21st century. Check out these great examples of sawn cut hardscapes for some inspiration.

Consider Garden Wall Art

Garden wall art is becoming a huge trend in 2021, and this can include anything from painted murals to laser-cut metal panels and decorative tiling. Customized metal screens are a great alternative to traditional fencing and walls, as they offer security and privacy while letting light through at the same time. You can even include strategically placed lighting on the ground to create different patterns with the shadows when the night falls. Simply search for garden wall art ideas and you will be flooded with ideas.

Modernizing your backyard doesn’t require you to dig it all up and start again. Try a few or all of these ideas!


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