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How to make a new home safe for all ages

Buying your dream home is exciting, but with that excitement comes the unknown. A new home can have unknown dangers, especially to younger children and senior citizens.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best ways to make a new home safe for all ages.

1) Remove loose flooring.

According to Taking Care 30% of people over the age of 55 will have a nasty trip or fall while at home. For the older population, this can be deadly and can result in broken bones and life-threatening injuries.

To avoid trips and falls in the home you should replace any loose flooring as soon as possible. You should also check to see if the flooring is all level and no tiles are sticking out.

2) Install good lighting

Lowly lit homes can be a problem in a new home and if your home doesn’t have good lighting you should replace the lights right away. Having bad lighting is another way of making your home unsafe for those who will live in it.

3) Keep your tools locked away

For younger children having tools within reach is dangerous. If you are purchasing a new home and will be doing DIY to it be sure to put your power tools out of reach. If you have a garage then put the tools into storage and put them out of reach.

If you don’t have a garage put them in a locked container and keep them away from your children. Power tools can cause damage even when they aren’t turned on so being out of the way can make your home that little bit safer.

4) Add smart features to your home.

Smart features can include a wide variety of products. One product that can make your home safer is a thermostatic mixing valve and while this sounds complicated it really isn’t. A thermostatic mixing valve can limit the temperature of the water that comes out of your taps.

Limiting the hotness of your water is going to ensure that the younger and older people who live in your home can’t burn themselves. A thermostatic mixing valve still allows you to take warm baths but stops you from scalding yourself.

5) Install grab bars and rails

Older people tend to slip and fall in the home when adequate support isn’t available. You can install features such as grab rails or even walk-in baths which make bath time easier for the older population. Grab rails are inexpensive and when installed in the correct areas within your home not only make your home safer but also make your home easier to get around.

6) Install an alarm system

An alarm system can be installed within a new home to not only put potential burglars off from targetting you but the more expensive ones can automatically call the police in the event of a home invasion.

An alarm system should be installed in all homes as it protects your family and they are simple to set up and don’t cost too much either.

7) Remove rugs

When moving into a new home it’s exciting to decorate one out, when doing so you should take into consideration the ages of the people who will live in your home. A rug, for example, can become loose and slippery. If you have younger children at home or older adults a rug can be dangerous to them.

Remove the rugs and wear better-fitting shoes to be as safe as possible when moving around your home.


A new home is exciting, but it can be dangerous. With the tips above you should now have a better idea of how you can keep your family safe while at home.


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