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The Importance of Getting a Pro Home Inspection

Did you know that homes sold faster than ever before in 2021? Eager buyers often paid over the asking price and kept inspection services very busy.

Are you considering inspecting a house before making an offer? Do you know why a pro home inspection is crucial to the buying process?

The following guide will explore the many benefits of a house inspection for both buyers and current owners.

Inspections Save Money

An inspection helps prevent purchasing a home with issues like bad pipes, electrical problems, or a faulty HVAC system. They also help identify more crucial and costly issues like roofing and foundation problems.

Once the inspection identifies these kinds of issues, you can budget for repairs or choose not to purchase the home. A simple 4-point inspection might end up saving you a lot of money and trouble.

Sellers should also consider inspections to prevent last-minute problems that could ruin a sale. Proper repairs and upgrades often lead to faster and more profitable sales. You can learn more here about how long the selling process typically takes.

Insurance Approval

Most mortgage lenders require you to protect your new house using homeowners insurance. But before getting coverage, most insurance companies need you to conduct a 4-point home inspection on the property.

Home inspections sometimes allow buyers to get a lower price on their insurance premiums. Any basic inspection can lower a premium but keep in mind that you might need to make repairs first.

Bargaining Leverage

Buyers often may purchase homes even after they find problems through a professional inspection. Sometimes sellers will agree to fix the problems before the sale or agree to a lower price.

You’ll get peace of mind knowing the seller will fix the problems or that you’ll save enough money to cover repairs.

Find Hidden Issues

You might have walked a property yourself, but not all issues are obvious. Infrared inspections use modern tools to find things like insulation problems and wood-rot. Note that infrared inspections are separate from basic inspections.

WDO inspections are another useful service that checks for termites. They can also find evidence of previous infestations and damage. If they find termites, you can plan accordingly and have an exterminator treat the property.

Wind Damage Protection

A wind mitigation inspection helps determine how prepared a house is for severe wind storms. They offer recommendations on how to make necessary improvements. These upgrades help stop expensive and dangerous damage from wind.

After this type of inspection, you might gain wind mitigation credits. The credits might help lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance.

Ready for a Pro Home Inspection?

Now you know the advantages of a pro home inspection for both buyers and sellers. They address any issues to ensure a quick and fair sale for both parties. It’s essential for getting the most value out of your next home sale or purchase!

Remember this guide and consider getting both standard and specialty home inspections before your next move. Check out our blog for more important home buying and home improvement tips.


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