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Selling a House as Is: How to Move Out and Move On

More than 5.5 million renters in the US have fallen behind in their rents since the pandemic. This has resulted in many landlords struggling to make their mortgage payments.

If you’re one of these homeowners, you’ll be looking for a way to get out from under your obligations. Selling a house as is might be the best solution to your problems.

How To Sell a House As Is?

When you’re selling your house in as is condition, the buyer understands you will not spend any time or money preparing the property for sale. Usually, a seller will take the time to do painting and deep clean a home in preparation for a sale. They will take care of minor repairs before they list and tidy up the landscaping.

You may attract a more extensive range of buyers when selling a house for cash as is. As is condition means the buyer will make their offer with the knowledge that deficiencies won’t be corrected if they identify them. It can save a seller time and money and may allow you to make a quick move if you have a job offer in a different location.

Prepare to Answer Buyer Questions

When you advertise a home for sale, you still have an obligation to answer buyer questions, even if you’re selling the house in as is condition. It may be a fixer-upper, but it can’t have undisclosed structural damage or other problems.

Learn more here about selling your house in Houston if you want to make a fast sale. They can help you sell a house as is. Most states have regulations requiring that a seller disclose any existing problems with the property, so it’s essential to check with an experienced realtor.

Lower Your Price Expectations

The answer to the question: how much do you lose selling a house as is, may surprise you. When you sell a house in as is condition, the buyer will offer less. The house may need repairs that you’re not willing to do, so that they will adjust the price for these costs.

In many cases, the buyer will want to make the repair choices for themselves, and your upgrades or changes are irrelevant to their decision. In the end, the loss in price is offset by the repair costs.

When you factor in your time and the cost of materials to do the repairs, the lower price may be worth it. If the house is a teardown, doing the repairs is a waste of time and money.

Pre-Listing Inspection

If you want your house to sell quickly, a pre-listing inspection will be an essential step to take. This inspection will enable you to follow the state laws and disclose facts about your property’s condition.

It will allow the buyers to see exactly what needs to be done in the home, and they will make an offer based on that information.

Selling a House As Is

Your decision will come down to weighing the advantages of selling a house as is rather than going through the complicated process of preparing and marketing your home for sale. The slightly lower price is a trade-off for the ability to move out and move on.

Did you find this article helped you decide to sell a house as is? If so, check our other helpful articles to discover different ways to solve your homeowner’s problems.


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