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Investing In Manufactured Homes – A Guide

Manufactured homes are also known as mobile homes. Built from prefabricated parts and then assembled onsite, manufactured homes are a fast and good value option. However, before you buy up all the manufactured homes in your location, it’s smart to look at the pros and cons of this type of property. Read on to find out more.

The advantages of investing in manufactured homes

Reduced cost

Compared to traditionally built homes, manufacturer property presents a cost-friendly option. You can get the latest styles and ample square footage for much less than you would pay for a traditional property. Of course, this is great for investors because they can build or buy more substantial properties and get a better return for their money.


The quality of US-built manufactured homes for sale is very high. This is because of the red seal program that ensures all homes meet the strictest requirements. In fact, the factory-built nature of the homes means that quality control is excellent. This means fire safety, energy efficiency, and structural integrity are all high for every home constructed.

Quick to put up

If you want a fast turnaround and your investment manufacturer home may be just the thing. After all, there is no waiting around for 6 months plus like you get with traditional homes. Instead, it is possible to erect a manufactured home quickly out of its ready-made parts. This means that it can be earning your money much faster than a traditional build.


Another significant advantage of investing in a manufactured home is that you know you will be doing your bit for the environment. This is because mobile homes are now very energy efficient. This feature is due to the extensive amounts of insulation in the walls and on the underside of the building. Additionally, it is common practice to fit water-saving taps and appliances in mobile homes.

The disadvantages of investing in a manufactured home

Of course, no property investment is without any risk at all. That means any savvy investor will want to know both sides of the story before choosing to go all in.

Land cost

While the cost of manufactured homes is less, you also need to factor in the land to build them. Unfortunately, land can be expensive, and not all locations can site such properties. This can sometimes make finding the right piece at the right price a challenge.

Getting funding

Property investors will know that getting a mortgage for a property can be tough at the best of times. However, getting funding for manufactured homes comes with an additional issue. That is because lenders don’t always like to give mortgages on mobile homes unless they are permanent and placed on foundations or a basement. Something that can add to the cost and the time of your project.

Final thoughts

There are indeed some challenges to overcome, such as securing financing and finding the right location for manufacturing homes. However, investing in manufactured properties can be an excellent option for investors looking for fast turnarounds.


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