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The 3 Best Ways To Prevent Accidents In Your Rental Property

You’re paying liability insurance to protect you in case one of your tenants hurts themself in your property. It’s great for peace of mind knowing that you won’t be put out of business in case of a lawsuit.

But, prevention is the best medicine as they say. So, it is always a good idea to accident-proof your property to make it safe for your tenants and not have to ever rely on your insurance company at all.

In fact, you’ll even save money as time goes by without any claims so it is a win-win to keep the property maintained for safety.

Here are some of the ways that you should be taking care that your tenants have a safe place to live.

1 – Prevent slip and falls

Most accidents at home or in a rental property are slips and falls. It can be caused by something as simple as a spill that didn’t get cleaned up, which would be the tenant’s fault, or it could be because the property is not being maintained.

Make sure that any possibility of injury is taken care of. For instance, if you live in the northern US or Canada, then you have to make sure that ice and snow in walkways and driveways are not going to cause a problem by hiring a professional like commercial snow removal Edmonton.

Also, make sure that any tile inside or outside the property is even. Any cracks or uneven tiling should be dealt with immediately. And steps should always have a handrail to make sure that people can access them properly.

While the steps above can greatly reduce the risk of injury, there is always the possibility of accidents happening. Make sure you have business insurance cover to avoid any out of pocket expenses in case of an accident

2 – Keep the structure sound

When the property gets older you’ll need to be doing routine improvements to make sure that the structural integrity is sound. What that means is that you shouldn’t have parts of the house that break and cause injuries.

This also includes times of natural disasters like a big storm. Have a hurricane proof roof if your property is in a hurricane zone.

Railings will need to be checked to make sure that they are not loose. An even bigger area to consider is the foundation. If it is not sound, it can leak and cause water problems that can start an electrical fire. Or, it can even cause the house to lean and cause injuries that way.

3 – Home security system

For both your tenants and for your own property, a security system will prevent any break-ins that could have the possibility of somebody getting injured or worse. Even if your property is in a safe neighborhood, an alarm is a must-have.

You’ll even get a discount on your insurance if you have a security system so it only makes sense. It can be as simple as an alarm that sounds when it is activated, or as complex as a smart system that has cameras and smart locks.

Your tenants will love having that extra sense of security and could even be a selling point on the property.


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