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Is It Possible To Buy On The Beach Life For Less?

Don’t we all dream of waking to a sea view? What could be better for the relaxed lifestyle we all want and deserve? Imagine, opening your curtains and seeing the calm current, sweeping your worries away. After a stressful day at work, you could head out for a swim to clear yourself. However you want to make the most of it, a life like that is the dream.

But, with a dream comes a price tag, and there’s no getting around the fact that waterfront properties are sure to set you back. Hence why most of us settle far from the sea, and only head there when the sun is shining. In reality, though, there’s no reason the imagined costs should keep us from living the sea-based life. In fact, there’s no reason this can’t be an option for you. Here are a few ways you could make it happen.

Buy an apartment or condo

You may want a whole house to your name. And, anywhere else, you could probably get it. But, beachfront properties cost more than most. As such, it may be worth considering alternatives. By purchasing an apartment or condo, you may find your finances stretch to a beach-based home with ease. Admittedly, this will set you back about the same as a house would elsewhere, but it may be a compromise you’d need to make. You can find a condo here or search for apartments online to see whether this a possibility. If you’re not willing to make the sacrifice, it may be that the beach life doesn’t mean as much to you as you thought. That’s fine, too. At least you can say you gave it a shot!

Split your space

Another fantastic way to afford the beach life is to split your space. This won’t help you with your upfront costs. But, it can help you pay your mortgage. By setting aside a room as either a permanent, or holiday rental, you’ll at least be able to subsidize your earnings. With this in mind, you may feel more comfortable taking out a larger mortgage than you would have otherwise. Suddenly, houses which weren’t in your price range could become a possibility this way.

Consider your options

It’s also worth mentioning that not all beaches are tourist traps. And, the ones which are most popular are sure to cost you more. One way around that may be to look at beaches a little less in the mainstream. There are plenty of coastal areas which are sure to be much more affordable. And, all you need to do to find them is research. Drive around the coasts a little and get an idea of destinations, then research online. With a bit of luck, you’ll stumble across the affordable seaside town you never even knew existed. Equally, moving further inland can slash costs. It may not be what you’d imagined, but you’ll likely still have sea views. And, the beach will still be a short walk away!


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