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Moving – Should You Stay Local Or Move Abroad?

We’ve all seen those TV programs such as A Place in the Sun: Home or Away, where we watch families ponder on whether they should stay in their beloved town or instead take the leap into a new country. It’s easy to sit and shout “move abroad!” when watching these shows, however, if the opportunity arose, what would you do? There are several factors to consider when moving abroad, such as will you need a VISA, will your E111 renewal be valid, and so much more! If you’re in this situation, and you’re unsure about whether you should stay local or jump across borders, we have the answers for you here.

Staying Local

Financial Stability – Moving locally can put a strain on your finances at the best of times, so you can only imagine the budgeting and financial planning that goes into moving abroad. Unless you’re moving on the basis of receiving a new job opportunity, it can take weeks, even months, to find a job that will support you financially, which can have a severe impact on your moving abroad experience. Particularly for younger couples, or for those who already have jobs that only just pay the bills, we would suggest moving locally instead, as this will give you the stability and reassurance that you need to keep you on your feet.

Staying With FamilyThis can be a particularly difficult one for many, as moving abroad means that you limit the amount of time that you can spend with your family, especially when moving halfway across the globe. Before making the final decision to move abroad, you need to seriously consider the impact it will have on your family life. Can you really cope with not seeing your parents for months, or possibly years, at a time?

If your family is something that means a lot to you, we would certainly disregard moving abroad. As amazing as the experience can be, your family means much more to you than some new surroundings. And while you are at it, this transition would be a good time to do some estate planning for the future.

Moving Abroad

Personal GrowthIf you’re young and you’re moving abroad to fulfill your career or perhaps for university, you’ll have the opportunity to grow as a person and develop an entirely new skill set. Being thrown into new situations will scare you at first, but once you’ve finally tackled them and straightened out the creases, you’ll be able to enjoy life abroad and properly appreciate the independence of moving overseas. After living in the same country for almost your entire life, you’ll be exposed to a completely new culture, allowing you to experience emotional, physical and personal growth, more so than if you were to remain local.

Job OpportunitiesMany people don’t just move abroad because they feel like it, but instead do so in order to fulfill the career of their dreams. Of course, before making the leap, you need to ask yourself whether this new job will be secure and sustainable for living life out in that country, but once you’re sure of this, you’ll be having the time of your life by moving abroad. Not everyone is able to lead a career that they utterly adore, so we recommend that you grab the opportunity with both hands and go for it!

Moving abroad really can be rewarding, and there are many benefits that come with it, but it really isn’t for everyone. If you enjoy feeling secure and firmly within your comfort zone, there’s nothing shameful about staying close to home when moving. However, for the risk-takers among you, who are starving for some adventure, never shy away from an international move!


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