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Landlord’s Guide on How to Find the Best Self Storage in Chelsea, West London

Chelsea is an affluent area perfect for homes and businesses alike. Besides being near London’s famous sights and sounds, Chelsea has a great view of the River Thames and has unique homes with over 60% of properties in the area from pre-1900s. If you plan to move to Chelsea, a self-storage unit can be your partner in finding extra space in a very crowded city. Here are 3 ways you can find the best storage units in the area:

Look For Facilities Near You

When you have a rental in Chelsea, there’s no point in looking for a storage facility far from your area. It is important for your storage units to be near your property. When your storage unit is too much of a hassle to go to, it becomes a way to hoard unnecessary items you are too lazy to declutter. Additionally, instead of going to your unit to get a small item, you just buy it to save yourself the trouble of driving cross country. This would mean extra clutter in the long run.

Your unit should become an extension of your property. It should house things that your tenants will need at any given time.

Find Spacious Storage Units in West London

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes. When searching for the right self storage facility in West London, you need to take into account what you plan on keeping. Most residential homes might store seasonal clothes, old books, unused furniture, and spare appliances. If you have a business, you can keep company files, product inventory, and extra supplies. In both cases, you need to be able to find a unit that can accommodate your needs.

As a landlord, you want to keep your extra appliances and furniture in storage. Some tenants may want to move in your property but use their own furniture. Instead of throwing away the old items, keep them in storage for the next tenant. Additionally, if you are an Airbnb, you can keep your seasonal decorations inside your storage unit. This way, you won’t have to buy Christmas or Halloween-themed decorations every year when you house tourists.

Finding the right size can be tricky. You want your unit to be spacious enough to comfortably hold your items without worrying about them being precariously piled. While you can store more with items stacked on top of each other, the prolonged stress does not bode well for your belongings. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a unit with practically nothing inside.

It is important to find the middle ground. Make sure the facility you are looking into has a variety of sizes, and they have a unit that best suits your needs.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

The last thing you need to look at before settling on a Chelsea storage facility is their monthly rate. You’ll be deducting the cost of storage from the money you make renting your property. If it’s a significant cut from your lease, it might not be the best facility for you.

Pro Tip: Each company has different payment plans — some require upfront payments, while others work on a monthly basis. The more flexible the payment plan, the better it is for you in the long-run. Always plan with your future in mind. Additionally, some storage companies like Henfield Storage, provide discounts to long-term clients.

Benefits Of A Self Storage Unit

The top 3 qualities of a good storage unit are the location, size, and budget. To get a better idea of what your unit can do for you, here are some of the benefits of finding additional Chelsea storage.

Expand Your Living Space

Everyone in London is dealing with limited square footage. Tenants would pay a premium price for a spacious flat. When you’re showing off your property, remove as much clutter as you can from your property so you can maximize your square footage. You are bound to mass-declutter to get rid of the crowded feeling.

Additional Storage for your Personal use

Here’s an additional benefit of being a landlord. You get to enjoy the benefits of having a storage unit for your own personal use. You can store your closet and seasonal clothes. Winter clothes are very bulky, and they just sit inside your wardrobe for more than 9 months out of every year. Instead of occupying your closet space, you can send them to your unit and make room for more basics. You can also send any items that you feel are just taking up your space

Your unit also makes it easier for you to sort your belongings. While you separate your items between the donate, sell, and keep pile, you can keep them in your storage when you need a break. Decluttering is a very exhausting and messy process. By being able to press pause and recoup, you can avoid making impulsive decisions and have a more productive decluttering session.

Convenient For Moves and Renovations

If you moved to Chelsea, you might not have enough space for all your belongings. Instead of cramming everything in your closets, you can keep the excess items in your unit. By doing so, you get to keep your essentials without throwing anything away. It takes into account the possibility of finding a more spacious place in the neighborhood or moving to a new town. With your unit, you don’t have to unpack and repack the items you don’t use just because you are moving.

Additional storage can also be very helpful during repairs and renovations. Whether you have to clear your home for water damage or your DIY project, a unit can come in handy. You don’t have to cram your belongings in your bedroom indefinitely or block important walkways while work is ongoing. Your storage unit can safely hold these things until the repair or renovation is over.

Hold Your Furniture

As mentioned above, some tenants prefer to use their own furniture. This is not usually the case so you want to furnish the property you’re renting out. However, in the event that your tenant wants to bring their own, it’s best to have a storage unit. This way, you don’t have to throw out your current furniture and then buy new ones when your tenant moves out.

Being a landlord in London could be tough. There are a lot of things that you have to consider. However, once you’ve gotten down the basics like knowing which storage company to partner with or choosing the right tenant, it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there.


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