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Ways To Stand Out in Your Rental Application For Your Dream Australian Home

Finding a home in Australia’s crowded rental market is difficult, let alone finding one that ticks all your boxes. Fast-increasing prices and the advent of rental bidding further complicates the entire process.

However, there’s a good reason to be optimistic. Applicants that understand what landlords are looking for can carefully craft their applications to stand out. That way, they significantly improve their chance of getting selected. This post outlines ways renters can stand tall above the fierce competition in their rental application.

Prepare all the Required Documents – and even more.

Lodging incomplete applications reflect badly on the organizational skills of renters. The property manager may even interpret it as a sign of irresponsibility – a trait that indicates the person is likely to miss payments.

When applying, potential renters should submit documents like payslips, employment letters, rental ledgers, ID documents, reference letters, and more. Even if the application process doesn’t require some of these documents, it’s better to go the extra mile and give all the information that can convince the property manager of their suitability.

Include a Cover Letter

Most applications don’t require a cover letter. But to stand out, renters should include one. It provides the perfect opportunity to allow the landlord to get a sense of their personality. The letter should also include why they would make a great fit for the property – in terms of making regular monthly payments and taking care of the property

Apply Online (If that option is available)

Scanning hard-copy documents and filling online applications is more work for renters, but it lifts the burden from agents (as they have to still upload paper applications to their system). By doing the work, renters can ensure that their application gets reviewed on time.

Be Ready To Pay The Deposit

If a renter eventually receives a call that they’ve been selected and are required to make the deposit, they should make payments immediately. Statements like “Oh, I’ll pay later this afternoon” either indicates that the renter doesn’t have the money or they’re waiting to hear from another property.

For these reasons, property managers do not hold down the application. By default, they move on to the next viable candidate because from their perspective, they wouldn’t want to lose other applicants while waiting for someone. That’s why paying the deposit immediately is key.

Know When To Apply

To get their dream Australian home, renters need to wisely choose when to apply. When demand is extremely high, they may have to pay more than the true worth of the property – which they may later regret.

In general, house-hunting is quiet in late December/ early January as much of the country is on holiday. Since the competition is less, there’s a better chance of striking a relationship with a rental agent.

Do a Background Check

Many property managers have incorporated background checks into their selection routine. The last thing a renter would want is to get selected only to fail the background check. The recommended site for criminal history checks in Australia is the Australian National Character Check which is a secure online application and can be found here: recommended site. By carrying out a national police check on themselves, tenants can know what agents will find in their criminal record. This way, they can be better prepared to answer questions related to their criminal past.


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