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How To Make Relocation Comfortable for the Senior Members of Your Family

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Anyone living with an older person will tell you that this group dreads changes. Science associates this hatred to fear of losing their normalcy and sense of belonging. Moreover, it’s a known fact that senior people find it hard to adjust, which further accelerates their hatred for change.

By now, you should be aware of the monster that awaits you in convincing your elderly family members to move. Besides the resistance, moving out of town requires changing the healthcare provider of the senior member, which is not easy.

Another demanding task lies in ensuring the new home is safe and has friendly features for the elderly members. You also need to check and ensure the senior members are comfortable and safe during the entire moving journey.

As you can tell, these responsibilities are demanding and may take a toll on you if you fail to prepare well. Arm yourself with the below five tips for an easy time when moving with the family’s senior members.

Communicate the Reasons for Moving

As with little children, open communication is the surest way to win the elderly members of your family. Taking the time to explain your moving decision to them will go a long way in helping them adjust faster than if you bombard them with parking out of nowhere.

The fact that they live in your home makes them part of your family, you should resist doing things without involving them as this bores contempt. Whatever relationship you have with the said senior person, ensure to sit them down and explain why you are moving.

Moreover, inform them of the plans you have made for their medical and social welfare needs. Lastly, don’t forget to assure them that the whole family is coming along to the new town and they can count on your support.

Involve the Experts

Sometimes your efforts to convince the elderly family members to move may not bear fruits. Naturally, old age comes with the fear of being locked up in an assisted living care facility. This leaves your elderly members ever alert, making it hard for them to trust you regardless of your intentions.

When unable to manage the resistance, consider hiring a trained psychiatrist to convince them why moving is necessary. You can also calm the situation by getting professional movers to do the relocation on your behalf. Chances are, such movers, have dealt with a similar situation over the years and thus know how to handle it.

Plan Early

As with everyday life, prior planning is the gateway to success. Moving homes means a change of location, compound, structure and sometimes the environment. At no one time does the amount of care needed for the elderly members of your family change.

For example, if your elderly member had a caregiver, the services should continue even in your new home. Please take note that this is where they need help the most in navigating the new environment. This, therefore, requires that you arrange with your current caregiver to move with you or plan on how to get a new one after moving.

Moreover, check if your senior family member has any medical appointments and checkups coming up. If any, plan with their doctor to get a close-by hospital in the new town to continue with treatment.

Also, remember to engage with your senior family member insurance providers and plan on the way forward. If the elderly member belongs to a social group or club, make arrangements to still connect after moving.

Make the New Home Friendly and Safe for the Senior Members

Although they may not tell you, the elderly members of your family may be dead worried about what awaits them in the new home. Chances are you went out of your way to make the current home safe and heavenly for your senior members, which is why they love it.

Now that you are relocating to a new home, incorporate the same safety features and add more where necessary to safeguard the life of your loved one. You should, for instance, make sure the entryways have no levels and the toilets and bathrooms have grab bars and are elevated.

Moreover, ensure to get anti-slip mats to reduce the frequent falls common in older people. Remember to make their work easier by installing easier-to-use door handles or automatic openers that require less effort.

Lastly, ensure to tell them of these amazing safety features when discussing the moving plan. Knowing that a haven awaits them will warm their hearts, making it easy for the family to relocate.

Take It Easy

Even as you fight all odds to make moving comfortable for your family, do not forget that your health is paramount. Furthermore, it would be best if you had the energy to fight the hectic moving process and manage the unpredicted tantrums from the elderly members.

Try to remain calm when they appear okay with the moving decision one minute and go against it the next minute. Also, avoid taking things personally when plans don’t go your way. As long as you give it your best, relax and wait for everything to fall into place.

Take Away

It’s not possible to avoid changing homes now and then. Make the senior members of your family enjoy relocating by implementing the above five suggestions.


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