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Make Sure You Don’t End up in a Negative Home Environment

As you’ve almost certainly heard before, your home is meant to be your castle, and your own little slice of paradise.

But although this is a fine sentiment, the reality is that many of us find our homes fundamentally stressful. Partly this is due to the habits we fall into. But it can also be due to inadvertently falling into a negative home environment upfront.

If you’ve just undertaken a home move, in particular, you’re in a great position to “turn over a new leaf.” To turn your new living space into the home of your dreams, and a place where contentment reigns.

At the same time, though, getting off on the wrong foot can set the stage for an unfulfilling homeowner experience.

Here are some tips for making sure you don’t end up in a negative home environment following a move.

Don’t be rushed into purchase prematurely

First things first: to avoid ending up in a negative home environment, you need to be mindful about the home you actually move into. Specifically, before contacting a company like marietta movers to ferry your belongings across, you need to make a careful home selection.

Many people who sell and let out homes are, unfortunately, unscrupulous. If you feel as though you are being pressured into making a rapid purchasing decision, that’s generally a bad sign.

As much as you may want to avoid missing out on a property, considering your purchase carefully is essential. Never make any purchasing decision before checking on key fundamentals. Does the home have any repair issues? How is the local neighborhood? What does your partner think about the home? How do you feel about the property the next morning, after a good night’s sleep?

It won’t do you any good to be rushed into a purchase only to then learn about plumbing and local crime issues.

Minimize clutter and mess in your new home

A cluttered living space can be very emotionally draining in a number of different ways. It can make the home feel “unfinished” and chaotic. It can also cause the place to feel overly crowded and can undermine the innate aesthetic qualities of the space.

Getting rid of belongings that don’t have sentimental value, or much practical use, can be a good idea. It can particularly be useful to do this prior to moving to a new home.

Ultimately, your experience of your home will tend to be much more positive when clutter is kept to a minimum. Just ask Marie Kondo.

Make sure to optimize lighting and clean air to the best of your ability

If your home is dimly illuminated and full of stale, dust-filled air, it likely won’t feel great.

Lightning and air quality can impact not only our health but our emotional states as well. When your living space is bright and filled with natural sunlight, it’s much easier to feel energized and optimistic.

Likewise, when you can breathe easy in your home — literally speaking — you are much more likely to feel at your best.


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