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Moving Into a New House: A Comprehensive Checklist

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Moving into a new house brings with it a lot of excitement. While most people think packing and unpacking are the biggest tasks during this time, this isn’t the case. Real estate law dictates that everything you do once you have moved into your new home makes all the difference.

You will need to get acquainted with your new space and begin working on projects. The faster you do it, the better for you. Procrastination will only make things worse for you.

Of course, you’ll still be so excited about the move and may end up forgetting what you need to do. This is where the checklist comes in.

Are you about to move into a new house? This article outlines some of the things you need to do when moving into a new home.

Walk Through Your House

The best time to do this is when your house is empty. You, therefore, need to do a walk-through of your new home before setting up any furniture and unpacking. During your walk, look to ensure necessary repairs by the previous owner and everything included in the sale is present.

You might also want to ensure everything is in perfect working condition, including switches, outlets, and fixtures. In case you encounter any issues, get in touch with your realtor and enquire about your recourse.

Child/Pet Proof When Necessary

If you have little children or pets, you might want to get down to childproofing almost immediately to ensure everyone’s safety. Ensure you check windows to see if they are securely closed. In addition, make sure that dangerous tools and detergents are out of reach of your young ones.

Figure Out Where Everything Goes

Before moving into your new home, you need to plan where each of your belongings should go. This way, you won’t have to spend the whole day trying to set up things. This is particularly important when it comes to heavy items such as furniture.

Of course, your plan doesn’t have to be permanent. You can make the necessary changes once you’ve settled in.

Ensure Your Utilities Are Set Up

It is always ideal to ensure your utilities are ready before finally moving into a new house. Once you have moved in, it is time to verify that each of them is in proper working condition. Check that the phone, internet, gas, water, electricity, heating, and cooling systems are set up. Now that everything is in place, it is time to contact the local waste management facility to ensure garbage collection from your new house.

Look For the Water Valve and Fuse Box

The water valve and fuse box are the two things whose location you should always know as you will often need them. Identifying their position early will help you locate them in case of power outages or water system hitches.

Deep Cleaning

It is normal to be tired on moving days, so you can choose a deep cleaning day for your house once you’ve settled in. The good news is that there is a guide you could always use to ensure each part of your house is sparkling clean. However, if you have other commitments or are just not one to get hold of mops, you can always hire the services of professional cleaners.

With your house clean, you might want to change locks, your address and finally meet your new neighbors. Moving to your new home isn’t usually an easy feat, but with the help of this guide, you’ll crack the system. Now pop some champagne and enjoy your new environs!


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